Friday, May 7, 2010

Noooo…NOT Another one…..!

I know…I know…you are probably getting sick of reading about Give Aways…but I’m telling you they are literally falling into my lap…AND I just HAVE to tell you about this one….


It is this cute little chest with mosaic cute.. and look what’s in the drawers!!  All this goodness is crying out for a Crazy Quilt!!  Hurry over to Nikki’s blog…wish her a Happy 100th Anniversary and PLEASE tell her that Paulette sent you (I get extra entries that way!!)  A girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do!!  Wish me luck!!

Today’s the last day to enter my give away!!  See Tuesday for the details…

Now onto something QUILTY ~ Tuesday at Cloth Castle Club Day there was, as usual, lots of quilting goodness!! Thought I’d send some of that goodness your way….

Lots of gorgeous bags~


This was a Mother’s Day project offered by the Cloth Castle..very cute!



The inside was just as cute as the outside..and do you see the matching change/card holder?


This quilter used up all her Batik scraps to make this quilt..just lovely…


Tea cozy and place mats for some lucky mom…


An appliquéd  table topper~P1070751   This was the results of a Mystery quilt~P1070754  Love this picture!   This is Natasha, our LEADER!  She puts the fun into Club!P1070757

Hand dyed scarves…geezes I should have brought my truck load of hand dyed wool!! ;o)


What’s this!!  Temptation is ALL around!!  Starbucks sent over the Barista girl to destroy my will power!! …with Cranberry-Lemon  cake!!  Yikes!  When you are on a diet you are not safe ANYWHERE!!  ‘They’ will find you…

P1070781So we will take our intermission here while I regain my composure…I’m down 5 pounds…I’m down 5 pounds…I’m down…ing the cake….!!

The rest of Club tomorrow…;o)   

Have a fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!        


  1. Fun post and a Happy Friday to you! I did mention you on Nikki's give away :o)

  2. I bet it was nice to get back together with your regular club members.


  3. ooohhh's and aaahh's and then there was cake!!! Beautiful projects to drool over - looking forward to seeing more. Thanks, Sweet P.

  4. so cute, love all the goodies

  5. LOL!!!!! I'm the cake....oh Paulette you crack me up! What lovely, lovely projects, and a good reminder to get busy sewing some mum's day gifts today. Love those purses!

  6. I am so sorry that the temptations hunt you *LOL* but 5 pounds down is a lot, congratulations.

  7. You are so funny Paulette..
    Hey 5 pounds down is good ...a little cake treat maybe would have been nice too..
    Julia ♥

  8. What a fabulous day. Enjoy the beautiful things and enjoy the cake. Hope you back is on the improve.

  9. How very mean of them to send yummy cake, still, since they went to all that trouble, it would have been sheer bad manners not to eat some. Was it tasty?