Saturday, May 29, 2010

Canadian Quilters Rock!

I am one proud Canadian!!  Did you hear the drums yesterday?  The quilting jungle was going nuts spreading the word that…Krista from Poppyprints and Marlene from Sipiweske Quilts are BOTH featured in the Summer Publication of Quilter’s Connection!!  I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on this magazine…!!! 

This gorgeous red and white quilt, featured on the cover, was designed and made by Marlene…and I mean REALLY..EVERY true Canadian quilter should make a red and white quilt…so it might as well be this stunner!

image Also in this magazine is an article written exclusively about Krista!!  We FINALLY get the dirt on Poppyprint!  AND…Yes…apparently she does grows poppies…and right in her very own backyard!!  Ponder that one…Oh..and there’s more…

So looks like I will be heading to Victoria to the nearest Chapters store to buy the Summer publication of Quilter’s Connection…but first I will also need to haul out all my red and white fabric.  I might even have to stop off at a Quilt Shop or…two or..three…

Sweet ‘P’ is so ‘P’roud of you two…! Oh…I almost forgot…Poppyprint is giving away a copy of Quilter’s Connection.  Hustle over and put your name in…you just might win!!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I think I did a tip for that magazine, lol.
    They had a contest and said they accepted mine, but never saw the contest or the magazine. If I recall, it was for their green issue.


  2. I've been wondering where to get this magazine, I'll be looking for in at Chapters. It's so exciting to now have a Canadian magazine to feature Canadian quilters.

  3. How exciting - love that red and white quilt!

  4. Great for Krista - I had read her news yesterday.
    I scored garage saleing today - batting for probably a queen quilt - $2. We must go together soon.

  5. I have never seen or heard of this magazine. When and where will it become available?

    Thanks for the heads up, Paulette.

  6. Aw, thanks Paulette! I do need to clarify though, the article in the mag is written by me, but it's all about Dianne Stevenson and her amazing Canadiana in Cloth masterpiece of a quilt (Poppyprint, the enigma, continues ;)). Buy the mag at Indigo and some Save On Foods, I think will have it, too. Or, you can order/subscribe directly from Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Can't wait to get my subscription!

  8. Thank you Paulette! I can't wait to actually have a copy of the issue in my hot little hands and once the quilt returns home it will be displayed proudly on July 1hanging on my clothesline. I've never had a red and white/cream quilt before but that Canadian Cottage fabric line just begged for it.