Saturday, May 1, 2010

We’re Going to the Dogs….

Yes, my blog has finally gone to the dogs….

Living the life of Rylie….


Yoh…I’m Rylie and today is my first birthday! Yes, that was me when I was just a little guy…Seems like only yesterday when my parents picked me up and took me home with them…I was pretty scared…but then I saw that I was going to have an older sister to show me the ropes. Molly wasn’t very friendly…at first…she was clearly QUEEN of the household. But with my winning personality…(grin)…she grew to like me..and now we are the best of buddies!! She is now Princess and I am Queen…(don’t tell her I said that!! Hee hee)


I am the hit of the dog park…everyone wants to know what kind of a dog I am…sheesh…can’t they tell that I’m a Cock-a-Poo…a very exotic Cock-a-Poo. OK…OK… I lean a little to the Cocker side but that’s OK because Molly is also a Cock-a-Poo and she leans towards the Poo side…so we balance each other out!


We just got back from holidays…my first EVER!! I am now an official Snow-dog…my parents say that they are Snow Birds but I am CLEARLY a dog! (They aren’t the brightest sometimes..but that’s OK, I still love them.) We sure had fun…nothing like laying amongst the palm trees on a hot winter’s day, having a dog park fit for a Queen and ice cream in my own bowl…’s a snow-dog’s life! (Well maybe not ice cream every night but hey, this IS my posting and a dog CAN dream!!)


(Here I am with my pal, Sadie..a friend from Salt Lake City.)

Yeah, I don’t mean to brag…but…I’ve got it pretty good around here…a bowl full of kibbles to feast on whenever I want, walks on command ;o), a trip to the dog park to meet with my friends, and did I mention that I have my own bed…it’s the biggest, fluffiest bed…and I share it with my parents and Molly- after all it would be pretty lonely if I didn’t!

image I have the coolest back yard full of incredible toys.  And there is a dog next door so of course I HAVE to bark just in case he should get any ideas. I mean I don’t mind sharing with Molly but I draw the limit to male dogs! After all I am Queen…so that includes our neighbourhood!


It’s been a perfect first year for me and I am planning on doing some serious celebrating today.  I’ll probably get some new ‘chew toys’ wrapped up in doggy paper…but what I REALLY want is an ice cream cake –all to myself!! OK..Ok.. I’ll settle for a bowl of the usual… That would make my first birthday perfect!

Hey, this blogging isn’t that hard…once the paws adjust to the keyboard…think I’ll start my own…I’ve always wanted followers!!

I’m supposed to tell you to~ have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Happy Birthday Rylie! You are a cutie.

    Smoochies from Cooper! He think you're the cat's meow ----- oh wait maybe that's the dog's bark - LOL

  2. You're so cute Rylie and smart too, Happy Birthday. My doggies would love visiting with you.

  3. Happy Birthday, Rylie! From Nelson and Reagan

  4. Happy birthday, Rylie! You guys look like you keep mom on her toes, lol!! Cyndi

  5. Happy Birthday Rylie!!!! You sure have it good!

  6. Happy Birthday Rylie....I think you may be one spoilt boy....and you do have a grand life...

  7. Happy Birthday to Your Majesty.

  8. Can we say spoiled? :) Too cute! blessings, marlene