Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Away Monday, May 17!


Sew Mama Sew is hosting a Give Away Day for everyone in blogland…Join in on the fun…sign up and then go find something to give away!  It’s going to be a blast- it’s a great way to get new people to come visit your blog and for you to visit others. There will be all kinds of amazing things to win next Monday, so set aside some time to go blog surfing . Make sure you pop into my ‘place’ bright and early Monday morning for a coffee and check out what I am adding to the Give Away….who knows…you might just win!  So hurry over to Sew Mama Sew and read the rules and then join up…you know you wannnnnnnaaaa…..

Some of you have been wondering what kind of tree is in my new Header…the one with the white flowers is the Dogwood tree..British Columbia’s provincial flower~  here’s a better shot of it…P1070822

Isn’t she gorgeous? 


And this is the Pink Dogwood on the other side of the front yard…  P1070816   She is just starting to open her flowers…P1070819   Magnificent aren’t they!!  Yesterday I spent all day hanging out with these trees… doing yard work…no quilting for me! ;o(

Today is a different story…it’s off to Hand Quilting!! ;o) 

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. I love flowering trees, that way they always have green when the flowers are gone.


  2. You convinced me to join in on the Giveaway Day! You are such an influence on me - not only am I going to do the giveaway, but I bought my first wool and pattern last week!! I need to keep my sanity during the moving process - I'm up to my neck in boxes!

  3. OK after seeing you and Laurie are going to do this I will join in to - heaven knows I have stuff I need to give away......
    Love your Dogwood trees - I love tree. I think that is why I was so attracted to our property when we were looking to buy years ago. Tootles

  4. The give-away sounds fun! Your trees are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. had to pop over from Reader to check out your new header - looks fabulous! It has been a great year for the dogwoods - I love the pink ones. I'll be back on Monday (or sooner!) to check pout the giveaways!