Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have a winner!!… the GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER…contest!!  Poppyprint sent this comment in~

Oh!Oh! Oh!, pick me! It's the "shower lady" from the trailer park in California, right??? It must be her. Is she coming to dinner?

Yes, it is Renee the Shower Lurker…see this posting for more info on our ‘meeting’!


Here’s Renee working on her first ever Wool Project…NOW she is Wool Crazy ~ to the point where she is into dyeing her own stash!!

Krista, if you would send me your address, I can mail you your winnings…sure hope you like wool…?  Maybe we can get you started on your first project? ;o)

Take care!!  I better start rattling those pots and pans!


  1. no way, you're serious, there's a prize?!? I thought you were just kidding just for fun. Ooooo...hand dyed wool, are you kidding I LOVE IT. In fact, I was just cutting some last night for a secret project that will be in Quilter's Connection fall issue! Thanks Paulette.

    What's for dins?

  2. And another woolie is born !!! Yaaayyy!!!!

  3. LOL, you're contagious!!!!! Renee is lovely!