Monday, May 3, 2010

Dyeing to dye!!

Today is the day that I dye!!  Please notice the spelling… as in D-Y-E…no I am not going to slit my wrist or anything!!   We’re talking Wool dyeing!!

Now take a good look at the wool…it’s jackets, skirts, pants and all 100% wool..’recycled’ is the word we are looking for..pretty blah looking wool…all beige, brown, cream coloured…some with checks…


So I got my pot ready (it is a pot that will be my forever dyeing pot as I can NEVER cook in it again… dyes are toxic).


Water goes into the pot and it starts to boil while I get everything else ready…like newspaper…


and rubber gloves…I will double these up as I don’t have any heavy duty…


Some old tongs that will become my dyeing tongs…


Some old ice cream buckets- great for rinsing and carrying wet wool…


And some Gaywool dyes…thanks to Claire I have a wonderful selection…such a sweet heart for lending me her dyes…


This is what I bought (pretty pathetic I know but it’s a start)…they are the dyes Claire doesn’t have yet…

P1070723  I mixed a 1/4 teaspoon of the dye into the pot of boiling water, stirred and then put in the wool…let sit and…. P1070728 ..then remove when you like the colour…easy or what!! 



Remove and put into an ice cream bucket and rinse until all the colour runs out.  Wash with soap and water and then dry in the dryer.

Remember that boring wool in the basket….well what do you think now?   P1070732 P1070733 P1070734   P1070737

The camera does not do this wool justice…the colours are MUCH nicer…gorgeous…if I do say so myself!! ;o)


I could get addicted to this stuff…

Have a merry Monday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Oh wow Paulette!! I want to do exactly what you just did - make all of my boring repurposed wool beautiful!

  2. Oh my...that wool is so beautiful! Great job you did dying it! :0)

  3. Isn't it fun to see the wool turn beautiful colors.
    You can actually make lots of colors with just the primaries.


  4. Wow - I have been thinking about dyeing but all the processes I have found sound so complicated - Was it really that easy?!? Where did you get your dye? Your results are stunning!

  5. I think you should go into business, that's what I think! Gorgeous is right! You certainly got a lot done in a day - amazing.

  6. Paulette, WOW, wow WOW! Those wools are just so GORGEOUS, fun to see the patterned wools in the different shades. Is there anything crafty you don't do or have not done? I know there's always new things around the corner, but it seems you do lots of everything. Cyndi

  7. Beautiful Wool!! A great day's work, can't wait to see what you make with it!

  8. gorgeous Paulette! Love how the dyes made your "bland" wools come alive with colour. Yum!

  9. You did great! I love those dye days-so much fun-do you have any patterns in mind yet?

  10. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing your wonderful dye project!!

  11. Hey! You're HOME! Where have I been the last week or so? Getting ready for the class I taught last Saturday, I guess, and getting a challenge quilt sent off on time. It looks like you're settling back in, visiting with friends, and catching up on all the fun stuff, like dyeing wool. Wonderful results! Isn't it FUN?!

  12. Dang girl, those turned out beautifully! I think there should be a lot more of this in your future, lol.

  13. wow, those look great!! That would be really fun to do and is a great way to get lots of colors!

  14. I agree...WOW!!!!! how fun!

  15. That is amazing, the colors are beautiful! I've got to get into this wool felting business as if I needed another hobby!

  16. Hey P,
    :You saved yourself a bunch of money.. I love that idea..What are the dyes called?? Are they cost effective?? Inquiring minds want to know these

  17. You've done a great job with the colours and it looks like fun. Do you have particular projects in mind?

  18. oh woww. You've now got some wonderful colours. I wonder what they are going to become?

  19. It sounds so easy and only a 1/4 tsp! Wow. Me who is so frugalishious should try girls love handbags....

  20. I just adore all that wool. Your colours are wonderful I am going to have to go on an op shop haunt and find myself some.

  21. Wow that is a lot you have dyed.