Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quilts to Inspire…

I went to the quilt fair yesterday and I must say the Victoria Quilt Guild out did themselves!  The quilts were magnificent and I was surprised and pleased to see how many were hand quilted!  Talk about inspiration!!  When I asked if I could take pictures their attitude was..WE INSIST!!  So take pictures I DID!!

The only sad part of the day was the vendors or rather lack of vendors..They are usually housed in a huge arena…well they were in the same venue but partitions had been put up midway…meaning less than half of the usual vendors!  I usually love this part of the show….as I wandered from booth to booth I wondered why there were so few booth…too high of rent? Did they close up shop? Are the profits not sufficient?  Is it just the economy…will they will be back next time?  I hope this is only temporary….nothing is worse than a Quilt Shop closing!! 

P1070864 P1070862

As you can see, there were lots of people..even a few husbands…don’t these ladies know any better?  ;o)


Now on with the Quilt Show~

A good way to use up all those plaid Homespuns…very effective!!P1070900

This quilt was striking- made up of silks, brocades and other textured fabric…just gorgeous!

 P1070856 P1070857

A lovely hand embroidered redwork quilt…

 P1070858     P1070865    

Loved this Dresden quilt…for some reason all the Dresden quilts were calling my name…think it’s time to make one!! P1070871 P1070872

A Kaleidoscope quilt made with striped fabric…


Appliqued roosters…


And sunflowers….two of my personal favourites!


Appliquéd blocks at their finest!!


Just look….



P1070877 A little boy would LOVE this quilt!!   P1070880

Do you ever see a quilt and go…Oh yeah…I have that fabric…have to make one of these…like this I SPY Quilt!


Loved the simple lines of this quilt…and a good way to use up scraps…

P1070885Another scrappy quilt…and there were several made with this pattern ..only different…    P1070889

See…another version of the same pattern…different borders and fabric…LOVE them both!!


Look at the border of this sweet quilt…


..appliquéd scallops…very effective!


Another stash buster…

    P1070897 P1070898

So these are just a ‘few’ of the quilts at the Fair!!  Lots of inspiration!  Nothing like going to a Quilt Show to get you all fired up about your ‘next’ project!! 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend filled with nice weather and sunshine…!

Have a Special Saturday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Everything you showed was so amazing...

  2. OOOOH! What eye candy! What inspiration! What talent! Just awesome! Makes me want to "go see"! How long is the show on for?!

  3. You're right, they're amazing - wow that lion! I'm sorry there were fewer vendors, we had that happen at our Sewing Expo last year - almost not worth going to! Notice I said "almost".

  4. Wonderful quilts, always fun to see them at shows and the diversity among them. It is show season for the big shows, so maybe most are heading to those.


  5. What a great show! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  6. Lots of beauties. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nothing like starting the day with colour and inspiration. Thanks Paulette

  8. Wow..just beautiful..
    Thanks Paulette.
    Julia ♥

  9. Glad you attended the Quilt Show as I was not able to and now I feel as if I was there. I think I blew my budget at Quilt Canada but you never know I never bypass a vendor at these events. Love that tiger quilt. I think it would have been easier to tackle that quilt as opposed to the one I am attempting. Thanks for sharing your photos of the show.

  10. There are some amazing quilts, but the lion was my favourite - so clever.

    As for the vendors, we've noticed the same thing happening here too and I know a lot of that is down to the high rents they're charged, which means it's just not worth being there in a lot of cases. Hopefully the show organisers will wake up soon. Now I'd better get off my soapbox and go and do something useful.

  11. Too bad about the vendors. Thanks for the quilt show. All the quilts are fantastic. I especially liked the scrap ones.

  12. wow, each one better than the last.What awesome quilters.

  13. The log cabin lion is genius!!! Come to the Lions Gate Show in North Vancouver June 11 and 12. We'll have 14 vendors for you from all over B.C.!