Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Woolie Wednesday…

Last November I was lucky enough to go to Country Loft Quilt Shop’s Christmas Sale!  If you are EVER in the La Mesa area in November then drive, fly, or drag yourself to this shop!!  It’s a MUST see…in fact, it’s a MUST seen any time of the year!  (It’s just outside the San Diego area.)  You can read all about my trip HERE…and HERE…and ogle all the pictures!  Yes, there are TWO days worth of blogging pictures…can you tell that I LOVED every moment!!

While I was there I spotted JoAnn Mullaly’s newest quilt called ‘Folk Branches’…GORGEOUS!! (JoAnn is the author of ‘Wool Crazy’!) I had ‘watched’ JoAnn stitch and create the blocks to make this quilt on her blog, so it was exciting for me to see the finished quilt!

This picture DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!  JoAnn’s stitches are perfect…(ahhh to take a lesson from HER!)


I knew that there was a book coming out with this quilt in it…so my thought was…NEXT YEAR…you are coming home!

folk art branch

Looks like I won’t have to wait for next year because I WON this book over at Cotton ‘n Wools Blog!! {insert a happy dance here!!}  Yippppeee!!  She’ll be coming home six months early!!  Thanks SEW MUCH, Anne!!  I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for this baby!!  No rush…I’m not going anywhere…

In the meantime…check out Anne’s Market pictures for a full run down of all the other projects inside this book!!  I love ’em ALL!!

Have a Woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paulette, when you see these beautiful quilts, do you say to yourself..."Come to Mama"? You might start doing that and see if it works!

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog and I just love it! I read your blog today and went to see your trip to The Country Loft in Nov 11. Could you tell me the name of the Kathy Cardiff pattern with the sunflowers in the basket? I just love this quilt. My email address is Thanks for your help.

    Carol Hoffman

  3. Are you Irish-you know the luck of the Irish, enjoy your win P.

  4. Congratulations!!! I love Wool Crazy...must be because you and I are both a little crazy for wool...huh!

  5. Congratulations Paulette,

    I picked up a copy of Folk Branches when I was in San Diego in May. The patterns are great, you can stitch them, use wool or cotton. Lots of fun.

    I managed to get some lovely pictures of the quilt that Jo Ann made and met her sister Cathy that works at The Country Loft.

  6. I am so jealous, lol.
    Congratulations, looks like a wonderful book to have.


  7. Congratulations, Smarty Pants! You deserve it cuz I know you'll use it. I'll be anxious to see what project you choose first!!

  8. lucky girl..
    You'll have so much fun with that book..looks great!