Sunday, June 3, 2012

On With The Show….

The good thing about showing the Parksville Quilt Show pictures a week or two late is that all the quilts have become NEW to me again… (is that a senior’s thing?)..Anyways.. regardless of my age…what I am TRYING to say is that I am enjoying the show the second time around!

Let’s start off the show with a quilt that I know Poppyprint should LOVE!! 

Magnificent, isn’t she?


Just look at the thread work!!  Incredible!


Yup…love poppies and these are no exception!  They were show stoppers, for sure!


  There were several Japanese Sashiko quilts in the show..perhaps there had been a workshop?  Regardless, lovely workmanship and enjoyed looking at all of them!


The Parksville quilters are masters at  appliqué!!  Beautiful work!!

P1180558 P1180559

Isn’t this table topper interesting!!  Very nice!

P1180560  I think this might be reverse appliqué.


A chisel quilt that looks GO! friendly!   Love the little pinwheels on the alternating rows!  They add a little zing, as do the borders!


OK…I am just going to let you wander…and I will see you at the end of the show…ENJOY!

P1180564  P1180566 P1180567 P1180568 P1180569 P1180578 P1180580P1180582(This one is on my bucket list…if/when I get a grandchild, I am making THIS one!!)  P1180583P1180584 P1180585 P1180586 P1180589


P1180592 P1180593 P1180594 Hey…it’s the Jo Morton quilt that I was talking about the other day…who knew that it was in the show! haha P1180596

And a good way to finish off the ‘Quilts by the Sea Quilt Show’…  


All hand embroidered too!  The quilter who stitched these blocks estimated that each block took about 30 hours to complete!!  OUCH!


Truly a work of art!

Tomorrow I will show you my favourite in show!  I know..I know…you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting…breathlessly…

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. These quilts went very well with my tea this morning :)

  2. Better watch out, you'll use up all your digital film in the camera if you keep taking this many great photos!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Paulette, you should start that bucket list quilt now so it will be DONE when the first grand arrives. Synthia is making "I spy" quilt for future great-grands that haven't arrived yet.

  4. I love going to quilt shows. It's always so inspiring, yet humbling at the same time. Can't wait to see your favorite.

  5. Nothing starts the day better than coffee and a quilt show! LOVE that spiral table topper, wow. And those hand embroidered shells! Amazing!

  6. Some really beautiful quilts and designs, so many things that I would love to do and we know, we will never have the time for them all;)


  7. Thanks for taking me along with you to the quilt show!

  8. Wonderful quilts! Thanks for taking us to the show!

  9. Everything is so beautiful, but WOW, those poppies are AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing, it's always so inspiring to see what others are creating...

  10. I Loved the show-thank you so much for taking me along-they were all so stunning-loved the birds

  11. The poppy quilt is simply stunning!

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