Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Quilt-A-Long…part 1…

Yahoo!!  Christmas is FINALLY here!  Correction…I meant to say that the Christmas QUILT-A-LONG is finally here!!


Oh, I have been busy…you know doing things that you would normally do when you host a Christmas party…like cleaning and baking…

Hmm…it might be a little early in the morning for these…perhaps this afternoon with a spot of tea? 


How about if we start with these…fresh out of the oven…


…just for you!  Served with a steaming cup of hot coffee!  Now we’re talkin’!

It’s almost time to fire up those machines, ladies…the Christmas Quilt-A-Long is about to begin!!  If you have never joined in on our little monthly gathering, then what are you waiting for…it’s fun, it’s easy and you might just end up with a finished project and a new friend or two! 

All you need to do is sign in with Mister Linky and then sew till you DROP!!  Then tomorrow, when you’ve got your strength back…take a picture of your accomplishments and post about it…THAT’S IT!! 

Oh…I’ve got to mention that there is a give away for those who are joining in!!  You might be the lucky winner of this freshly minted charm pack of Seasonal Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings…I thought  this sweet seasonal fabric would be the perfect Give Away for our little Gathering!! 


Also, Quilt Sue of Quilt Times is having a little QAL party of her own…hurry over there for more quilty fun…and I believe she is also having a GIVE AWAY of her own!!

So come on and join in on the fun!!  Get to know Mister Linky…he’s tall, dark and very charming…a real ladies man…if you know what I mean!  (my fingers are crossed that he will do his job, like he should!!)



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Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilt-A-Long!~P

PS…Stay tuned for a little Christmas Craft…more Christmas goodies …a recipe or two…and I also need to share what I am working on…you will be hearing much more from me throughout the day!! 


  1. I'll brew up a pot of coffee to go with some of those rolls you made for us!

  2. I am ready to power sew today - have a bit of a party in the afternoon, but then will continue. Thank you for a sweet breakfast.

  3. I'm signing in now but will hear little of me until this afternoon. Working a quilt show but I ready to sew now :(

  4. I'm here! I've been up for HOURS and HOURS, just waiting for you to get up!

    Now I'd better make a coffee but I won't have one of those gorgeous looking rolls you've made, thank you, cos Hazel told me that you were making pancakes with maple syrup, so I don't want to fill myself up with rolls as I'm looking forward to those.

  5. I'm ready for the fun - have one block done. I have to go run a few quick errands and then the day belongs to me.

    Paulette, thanks for hosting. My mouth is watering - the goodies you have for all of us look heavenly.

  6. I've been using my time WAITING (like Sue) to do some housework - yuk - but the rest of the day will be mine! Fainting with hunger over the lack of pancakes/maple syrup, but I am mollified by the YUMMY rolls you have there. ;-)

  7. Those sweets look delicious. It's never too early for me to have chocolate:) I love your imagination in describing Mr. Linky.

  8. Thank you for hosting today I am looking forward to playing along!

  9. Oh geez, I completely spaced today, I knew two days ago, and I really wanted to join in the fun. At least everyone's postings will be up for me to look at later.

  10. I'm finally here! Did you start without me...giggle..I know you did! Will try to catch up! The cinnamon rolls look wonderful...any left?

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