Monday, June 4, 2012

Homespun Goodness…

Here she is!!  My favourite quilt in the Parksville Quilt Show!  I know EXACTLY what you are thinking…I’m CRAZY!  There were tons of elaborate, ornate quilts covered in fancy stitches…and I pick this one!


Could it be that all those Homespun Fabrics from the ‘Homespun Homecomings Quilt’ that I am working on have gone to my brain and impaired my judgment?

P1180635Nope, that’s not it…I just like it’s simple beauty!  The nice clean fresh look about it… 


I like the way the quilter blanket stitched the appliqué down using black thread.


And I loved the simple loops and flowered machine quilting…subtle not flashy!


Can you see the loops and flowers…? Pretty aren’t they…and simple!  Perfect for this quilt!


There were several of us who stood for quite awhile gazing at this quilt…ooohhing and ahhhing.  Strangers brought together but for the love of a quilt!P1180609

Yup…I like this quilt…a lot!

P1180631Isn’t it funny how I can look at and appreciate all the prize winning quilts…ohh and ahh all the intricate blocks and fancy stitches… but it’s the simple ones that I gravitate to…and love!P1180633

Why is that? 


Don’t know…but I do know that next winter I’m going to be replenishing my Homespuns…and building up that stash!!

We quilters are a finicky bunch…we like, what we like!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Hey, you're not crazy! You're,no,no...that's not it, either. :)))

    You have a very discerning eye, and you know what you like. That's a good thing!

    If you run across any good rain proof quilts let me's raining here again today, and may be that way for a few days, from the sound of it.

  2. Boy, I'm with you! I love this quilt too! I love how it is so fresh and clean looking without all of the embellishments and doodads. The borders are just great.and the homespuns are fantastic! I've got to find some homespuns - our local quilt shop doesn't carry them. Do you know of a fabric designer or a line that carrys homespuns?

  3. I love this quilt as well. It looks fresh. lizzie

  4. It is lovely and simple. Good enough reason to love it!!

  5. I like it also. Do you know who the pattern designer is?

  6. I love it too! It must be all those plaids! :0)

  7. I love it!! Let's make it!!!

  8. Wonderful quilt---- one to curl up with this winter!

    :) Carolyn

  9. I love it, too. I seem to prefer simple and fresh. Ornate and fussy makes me uncomfortable, albeit very beautiful but not me. A quilt with just squares sewn in rows makes my heart sing. :-)

    Yes, we do like what we like. LOL

  10. I love it fact I did the same quilt years ago in flannel and it is the most used quilt in the house because it is really wam and soft.....
    I think I might do it again in homespun because it is so pretty.

  11. I'm with you on simplicity. Patchwork-type quilts are always my favourite. I love looking at all the different fabrics the quilter used, and the applique on this quilt finishes it off very nicely. The quilting suits it perfectly, not too overwhelming. Yes, this would be my fave from the show, also. Thanks for showing all those wonderful quilts from the show, and what a talented group of quilters there are in Parksville.

  12. I love it too, love the design and the fabric and wonderful quilting.


  13. It's very appealing! I love it too!

  14. That is a gorgeous quilt. It has such an old fashioned appeal, but the more contemporary quilting gives it a fresh new look. I love it, too!

  15. I love homespuns! Thank you for sharing this quilt. I recently purchased a homespun bundle And just can't decide the best use for it. I think this could be it. The light fabric background makes it so fresh looking. Do you know who the pattern is by?

  16. This looks like a perfect cuddle quilt - great job!

  17. I think the reason I like this quilt is because it's all a quilt is supposed to be; not a showpiece or a work of art but a soothing comforting homemade piece of someone's life. It invites me in.

  18. I think you chose the perfect quilt! Love the appliqué and the choice of fabrics! I can see why you fell in love with it!

  19. I love it too hon, maybe because it IS simple, and it looks like I could make that - and the colors just sing to me. I really, really need to get a homespun stash going!

  20. This is my favorite too!! I love the colors and it just looks sooo cozy! Would be nice on a cold winter night!:)

  21. Great looking quilt. I love anything that has plaids in it.

  22. Great looking quilt. I love anything that has plaids in it.

  23. Great looking quilt. I love anything that has plaids in it.

  24. Someone asked me one time what my favorite color was and I told them "anything plaid!". Love the quilt.

  25. Bonjour Paulette, je vous souhaite une belle journée Samedi.
    J'aime le tissus de cette courtepointe très joli.
    Vous venez toujours me rendre visite en septembre, vous êtes la bienvenue chez moi.
    Amitié du Québec. gisèle

    Impossible de vous rejoidre par courriel

  26. I love plaids too!! Two peas in a pod! LOL! doni @ grey, wintery Oregon coast!

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