Saturday, June 9, 2012

Christmas Quilt-A-Long’s Mystery Quilt!!

NEWS FLASH!!  Quilt Sue has posted June’s installment to the CQAL’s Mystery Quilt!!  I KNOW that you have been up all night waiting…WELL wait no more…just go HERE!!  When you get to Sue’s blog and click on the Mystery Quilt button on her top header!       


Have you signed up for our Christmas Quilt A-Long??  Nooo??  Well then COME ON IN and go to the Post before this one!! 


Donna of So Sew Crafty has won Quilt Sue’s give away!!  Sue had all the quilters who are participating in the Mystery Quilt show their stuff…and try to guess what the MQ was going to look like…check it out!


  1. Quick! All over to Sues! Hang on - this isn't a ploy to scoff all the coffee & rolls yourself, is it Paulette??

    I'll be back in one tick!

  2. Could I have a roll?? Did Rick eat them???!!!

  3. No, Rick didn't eat them, I did!

  4. I'm really long would it take to get a fresh cinnamon roll from BC to Nova Scotia? I think I can smell them!