Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homecomings Parade!

Time for our monthly Homecoming and the beginning of a Homecoming Parade!  Anne(Cottons ‘n Wool) got the ‘snowball’ rolling and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  You heard me, more quilters have found the book and have been building houses!  This is only our third completed house so there is PLENTY of time for you to join in!

These houses are fast and VERY easy to make…the windows are easy and can be stitched while watching TV…so common, join in…you know you wanna…

Here’s this month’s mansion…


I am going to LOVE this quilt…and am so GRATEFUL that Anne and her gal pals inspired me..forcing me to JUMP IN!  This quilt has been on my Bucket List for years…and THIS was the time…it was NOW OR NEVER!! {Wow…the orchestra just struck up…Can you hear Elvis singing in the background?}  Yes, it was meant to be…and apparently, Elvis agrees!

Three blocks down…nine to go! 


Yup…the  hood is looking mighty fine…


I can send Elvis your way as “It’s now or never”… for YOU to join in too…

If you’re not joining in because you don’t like homespuns or don’t own homespuns, then think again!!  You can make your houses in your choice of fabrics.  When you go on the Homespun House Parade, you will notice that Kim has picked other fabrics to make her houses with and has achieve a whole different look.  Very nice!

Well I am off visiting…care to join me?

Anne, Sandy F, Anna =
Mary =
Paulette =
Sandy R  =
Kim  =
Patti  =
Jocelyn  =
Carrie  =

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Olá,comecei o meu condomínio e adiantei muito da meta,parei e não sei onde está,estou terminando uma reforma aqui,vou achar com certeza. Estou fazendo com retalhos daqui mesmo,o algodão brasileiro é bom.Beijos.

  2. Would love to join you but I have other commitments right now. Really enjoyed all the links and found a couple I hadn't visited before. Thanks.

  3. Love these houses! I forgot where to find the pattern - could you tell us again? Thanks!

  4. love your houses and in homespuns too!

  5. I'm not on the list but do have three houses sewn. They still need windows, doors and such but at least the house part is "built".

    Yours look great! Inspires me to keep working on mine.

  6. Looking good! I smell fresh baked chocolate chip cookies coming from one of your houses. I'll be right over. :)

  7. I love it in the homespuns, you are doing a beautiful job with yours.


  8. Love your "hood" , next month mine will look like a "hood " too. OK now that song is playing in my head!

  9. Love your homespun houses! I would love to join as I too fell in love with that pattern, but cannot get a copy of the book. Do you know where I can find one? Thanks!

  10. Love the houses too, along with the others that left you comments!

    Where do we find the pattern!

    :) Carolyn