Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grandma’s Plates…

I just had to share this with you!  One of our Heritage members has been commissioned to finish hand quilting this wonderful old Dresden Quilt. 

Isn’t she a beauty!


Here she is laid out in all her old glory while the quilter bastes it all together.


She really has her work cut out for her as the top fabric is a very flimsy sacking.


We were all wondering how old this beauty is?  Got any guesses?


Grandma had finished hand quilting two Dresden's…and the owner is willing to pay big bucks to have the rest of the quilt finished in the same manner!P1180980-001

Apparently the granddaughter is expecting her first baby and wants this quilt to go into the baby’s room!  How sweet is that!

I hope to have ‘after’ pictures of this wonderful old quilt when the quilting is complete!

This is a reminder to pull those unfinished quilts out of the cupboard and get’em done…because you just never know what’s around the bend!  Well, aren’t I a ray of sunshine this morning!!

Speaking of which…I need some sun!!…if you have any spare sunshine PLEASE send it our way (West Coast of Canada) as we are SEW sick of grey!

ON the other side of the coin…we got the floor down yesterday!! (A perfect job to do on a grey day!:) I just need to paint those baseboards a creamy white and we can move the furniture back in..I love the colour of the walls…the paint colour is called ‘Cricket’ by Behr (Home Depot).


Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting! ~P


  1. beautiful old quilt! What a treasure.

    And the floor looks great!

  2. Wonderful quilt...It will be a delightful treasure for her!

    Your floors look beautiful!

    :) Carolyn

  3. The quilt is beautiful and so is your room!! Good job.

  4. That is a beautiful old quilt. Love how your floors look, nice variations in the grain.


  5. Love the room re-make. Save a room project for us to help out on,hmmm? Yes, also totally fed up with this rain. Totally.:))

  6. I see several fabrics from the 30's there, so maybe it is from the Depression era? It's gorgeous!
    I wish I could send you some of our sunshine!!!! We have plenty here and it is getting really hot! We need rain.

  7. What a delightful heirloom. I hope you get to see it again before it goes home.

    Your floors look wonderful - you and hubby have been busy, busy, busy.

    I'll gladly send you lots of sunshine if you'll send rain (we're desperate for rain)

  8. Beautiful old quilt...I'm guessing it's from the 1930-40's..lovely that the great grand kid will have it.

    Love your sun here either, it's winter!

  9. I would guess 1930's but I haven't been known to be a good guesser, though I see other people before me have voiced that same range, so perhaps I'm not so far off.

    Your floor looks amazing and if you're willing to take the humidity you can have my sunshine I'd love a couple of days of grey as respite from this heat.

  10. I was just going through a huge stack of quilting magazines to tear out and file what I want, and toss the rest when I happened to come across a quilt very similar to this. It is in the November/December 2011 McCalls Quilting and the original is a 72 x 90 quilt made by Presbyterian Church Group in Kentucky in the 1930s! The centers are a little bit different, but the little green crosses between the plates are in the vintage one. I can send you the pages, if you would like, to give to the owner of the quilt you showed us. (PS: The floors are beautiful).

  11. Please don't say that you had to re-do your floors again in your sewing room. They look lovely. No helpful hints about decluttering. I tag all the quilt patterns I will make someday as we all know that all you need is the time to finish the quilts that have been tagged for future days.

  12. 30's era and I have dresdens with the same red fab in background and polka dots and I think a fe more of the same prints I myself am just now readying to put them into quilt I bought them as plates only no background fabs at antique shop