Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Gifts…

I need a couple of fast handmade gifts so I pulled these two little pennies that I had cut out earlier and started stitching…

I got the pattern for this little penny from…P1170945 ..this book, ‘Folk Quilt Applique’!  Love this book..it’s full of good things!!


And this little penny (the white tongues are just paper as I experiment)…came from a free pattern… 



…which came from a blog which no longer exists…:o(


So I shall be stitching here and there in between sorting and reorganizing and hanging and general cleaning!! Now that the painting and the flooring are done in the TV/computer Room, I have come out of my work mode funk to realize that the rest of the house looks like a bomb has gone off!!  YIKES! What happened?

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Morning Paulette, what amazes me is that although you are decorating the one room the whole house becomes a mess because of it. We finished the kitchen, den and laundry over the Jubilee weekend and our dining room was used as storage. The Boys moved into the sitting room wholesale so all the rooms downstairs were in a mess!!! It is worth when its finished but I hate doing it too. Love the new sewing room. Susie x

  2. Very cute stitchin' projects. Having something fun to stitch makes everything else we need to deal with so much easier, doesn't it??? After we finish our 'chores' sitting down to stitch is like having dessert! (smile)

  3. Doesn't seem like everything can be in place at the same time, does it? Gotta keep reminding myself that the great homes in magazines are staged and the junk is all piled behind the cameraman!

    Stinkin' cute project!!

  4. very sweet little projects. love the birds!

  5. Cute design and isn't it amazing how quickly those little wool projects can go together? Love it!

  6. Love your little project... why is it that one project leads to another... I mean the house but I guess it's the same when you find a good quilting book too!

  7. Great projects to do as gifts. I remember that pattern, was it from this n that fabrics?


  8. Love the penny's!! I'm with ya on painting & a bomb going off in the rest of the house!!!

  9. Great little projects. Love the birds.

  10. Love these projects - and so will the recipients! The house will wait. Stitching must be done. :) blessings, marlene