Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Dog House…again!

Thanks again Quilt Sue for giving me free reign in hosting yesterday’s Christmas Quilt-A-Long!  It was fun…almost like running a classroom!  You know.. moving from one activity to another…keeping everyone busy and fed…shoes tied and noses wiped…we even squeezed in a craft project!  Whew!

The random winner for participating in yesterday’s CQAL was Number 3… Hazel!  I loved her post…her quilting intentions were good but life got in the way!  Sound familiar??  Yup, I can relate!  Hazel, you get an ‘A’ for effort…and a charm pack of Seasonal Little Gatherings!

With me being in a CQAL frenzy yesterday and sequestered to the sewing room…(someone’s got to cracking the whip every now and again!)…I was wondering why our phone was ringing so much!  Turns out that EVERYONE was phoning to wish HUBBY a HAPPY BIRTHDAY…and I forgot!!  (oops!)  Can you guess who’s in the dog house?…

Arf! Arf!image

    Yup that would be ME!  I predict a very nice dinner, followed by a homemade cake.. happening in the VERY near future!


Today you’ll find me in the backyard…pulling weeds! 

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. LOL! I'm sure he has already forgiven you....after all you are pulling weeds. Enjoyed your quiltalong. I did work on a Twister quilt in red, black and white. It's not for Christmas but has been sitting in a box waiting for me to get motivated for quite some time now. I don't believe I have ever seen a real life Moon Snail shell. Amazing find on your beach.

  2. Oops! Oh well I can think of worse places to be....your dogs are lovely!!

  3. Congrats to Hazel and Happy Birthday to your husband. You can't be in the dog house and bake a cake at the same time.

  4. Wonderful to hear that Hazel is the winner! Any one who runs 13k the day after our Quiltalong party deserves to win! Yay Hazel! And I'm sure hubby has forgiven you by now...if he is like my hubby, he doesn't want a thing...but a wonderful supper is always appreciated!

  5. Well, thank you, THANK YOU, Paulette! I am a very lucky girl!

    And thank you for being such a great hostess this month - you've put some fabulous posts together, and I'm just sorry I haven't been able to play along so well with you all this month!

    I may have to come back with questions about translating the ingredients in the Nanaimo bars - they look just scrummy!

  6. I haven't gotten much done myself, a slow and lazy weekend. My husband is happy when I am sewing and ignoring him, he likes his peace, lol. Love the beach walk, great place to explore.


  7. Oops! Well I bet that a nice meal and weeding the garden will get his forgiveness pretty darn quick.

    Thanks again for a lovely party on Saturday.

  8. Oh no! You did such a splendid job of hostessing the Quilt a long... I'm sure you'll more than make up for late Birthday celebrations! :-)

    Although I did not participate yesterday.... I did read along on your blog... you inspired me to try the main quilting with machine (like you did the boxes) and then add decorative hand quilting here and there (I realize the holly was on your machine too).... I don't have any free motion quilting experience and hand quilting takes so ling... I think this might be a good compromise! lol!

    Happy Birthday Mr. P!