Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Quilting Diva..

Hey, remember my friend, Sandy…fellow RVer at the Sands RV Resort down south?  Well, I had lunch with her the other day and she has gone Quilting CRAZY!!  Yup, she has got the bug…big time!

Sandy finished off her Rag Quilt (the one that she was working on at Clubhouse Quilting)…and she loves it!!  As she should…look at how cozy it turned out..and the colours are perfect for her home!


Even the back looks GREAT!  Isn’t it perfect on her black leather couch!!


Sandy has also joined Pat Sloan’s Beginner’s Block of the Week Group…and has banged off a nine patch block and is eagerly awaiting the instructions for Block 2!  She is using all those wonderful Rouenneries Deux Fat Quarters which we received FREE from each shop in the Spring Fling Blog Hop!


Sandy is also cutting out fabric for a Disappearing Nine Patch…a sign of a true quilter…juggling numerous projects at once!!

Yup… Clubhouse Quilters, I think we have created a Quilting Diva! 

I also have to share this with you…Sandy emailed me a picture of this…with no explanation…image

I’m thinking, GAWD I hope she doesn’t wear THIS this out and about!  Not exactly her style…or anyone else’s for that matter!  Turns out it is a Laundry Peg holder…whew!!  :o{} I dodged a bullet!  Cute, Sandy…really cute!!

I can’t wait to see what Sandy makes next…I’ll keep you posted!! heehee

Today we continue with the painting of my old sewing room…ugh!! I HATE painting! The new colour is called Cricket and is a rich green…LOVE it! (hubby calls it Pea Soup…and I can’t really argue with THAT..but then Pea Soup is my favourite soup…:)  See the yellow…that’s the old colour…put on when it was the rage to either ragged on, ragged off or smooshed paint…remember those days?  THAT’S how long it’s been since this room has been painted! (the big white blotches are from the holes that have been filled and sanded…)


So we finished painting the walls yesterday!  All that’s left is painting the woodwork a creamy white and ripping out the carpet!  We have decided to put down wood laminate…fast, easy and clean! And then finally put up the new wide baseboards.  This room will become a spare bedroom/sitting room.  The girls are coming home in early July so we have to get ‘er done!

No sewing for me….:o(

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. tell Sandy her quilt and block look fantastic. Ah, we have converted another one to the quilt side!

  2. Love those rag quilts and with the way our weather is she'll need it into August. Enjoy your redecorating project!

  3. Hey! Really liked that color for your sewing room - who is the manufacturer or brand?

  4. Love your houses- really cute!!:) Well, I must be a true quilter because I have numerous projects all over my house!!haha!:) Your old sewing room is looking great and I love the color too!!:) Maybe you should come to my house and help me- I would love having you!:)

  5. Sandy's quilt and block looks great..
    I had to look twice at the laundry peg holder...yes, no body's style really, perhaps a cute doggie coat!
    Julia ♥