Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday’s Sap..

I have been doing so much hand sewing lately that it felt good to set it aside and just do some mindless piecing at the sewing machine last night! 

With NOTHING on TV, I downloaded a Audio Book from our local library and I was in heaven!  I picked a GREAT story, ‘The Litigators’ by John Grisham….nothing like a couple of bumbling washed up, seedy lawyers and a multi-million dollar case..oh and then throw in the ‘new guy’…a young lawyer hard up for a job…well let’s just say, hubby had to check up on me as I was laughing so hard! (no straight jackets needed…YET!) 


So while listening to the Audio Book…this is what I pieced….bowties fit for any lawyer to wear…bumbling or otherwise!


I cut these out a long time ago when Bonnie Hunter offered the Bowtie Challenge…It’s an EASY block to make…you need two 2” background lights, two 2” darks and for the centre of the bowtie you need two 1 1/4” of the same dark fabric.


The idea is to get rid of all those small scraps…which is what I hope to do!!

Hey, remember how I said that I won those Wonder Clips on Anna’s Woolie Mammoth Blog…well I think by posting about it, it must have jarred the mailman into action because looky what was in the mailbox yesterday!

LOVELY labels for the back of my quilts (…guess that means I have to actually finish one!!)…and this sweet coin purse full of these lovely clips!

P1190070Thank YOU, Anna!!  I love it all!!  I put the clips back into the pouch and hung it onto my thread keeper so that I will know EXACTLY where they are, when and if, I ever get to a binding!! 


I finally got my thread keepers up…Sewing machine threads on the right and hand quilting and applique threads in the middle.  Oh and check out my bobbin keeper…it’s an old yardstick that I found at a Garage Sale..


Here’s a close-up for you…


Every inch I put a small nail to hang a bobbin…and now the yardstick is full!!  It looks like I am off GSing this morning…got to find another yardstick!:o) Ahhhh…it’s SEW good to have a purpose!

I still have to hang up my clock…and get rid of the crap…P1190076

…like this!!  Is there anyone else out there who, apparently, throws NOTHING away?!  What’s with this?  And I didn’t even KNOW that I had a problem!!



Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Problem? What problem? You seem normal to me.

  2. What a perfect day for me to jump back into my blog reading! I am glad your goodies arrived! I totally get the need for some piecing...I am drowning in hand work! Right now I have 4 book on CD sitting on my sewing table and need to get going before the library calls them back. Your room is looking so pretty and organized, I love the bobbin holder and am going to save that in my idea fact I am going to pin it!

  3. Hi Paulette!
    Have fun GS!
    I keep those ends of threads to fill a quick bobbin for mending or a quick fix!
    I also like to use the almost empty threads to sew down binding! Often the colour is close enough and no one can see the colour!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. I just read The Litigators - it was a good story!

    I wasn't all that fond of a bow tie block I'd made for a sampler quilt but once the top was assembled, it ended up being one of my favorite!

    Problem? I don't see any problem!

  5. I love the bobbin holder could wrap the rest of the almost empty thread on a bobbin and use it to sew binding...that way you can get rid of the do have a great place to keep the bobbins....

  6. You could almost motivate me to get busy organizing my room. I LOVE your yardstick cute and genius!

  7. Oh, I haven't read that book by Mr Grisham yet. Looks like a great read.

    Cute, cute bow ties. Love your yardstick idea.

  8. Your sewing room is so neat compared to mine. I've been listening to an Elizabeth George book today while sewing, but will order the Grisham for a future sewing day. Nice win, too.

  9. I've listened to some pretty bad audio books lately on my commute. Thanks for a good review - I'll be on the watch for this. And that thread is perfectly good, of course you didn't throw it away. I use my spool ends and bobbin ends when I'm stitching hexies. Your room is coming along nicely. Did you find another yard stick??

  10. Ohh I am doing Bonnie Hunter's bow-ties too and I LOVE them!! You have inspired me to get my butt out of the computer chair and into the sewing chair LOL! They are about 5 feet away from each other :-)

  11. I saw a fantastic idea for a wreath made of plastic spools on Mark Lapinski's blog.
    I would need many more spools but I may start saving & make a small one.
    I mean, we all need another collection don't we?? LOL
    I love thinking of second uses for things.
    I think the idea of using the thread for basting hexies is a great idea!
    Love the yardstick - must get to some car boot sales soon.
    Have fun
    London, UK

  12. The yardstick is such a cute idea. I have lots of tiny bits of thread also. Love all the ideas people have given to use them up. I don't believe we EVER get rid of all those small pieces of fabric that we save for "someday" projects.