Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Fling 2012

On Thursday, twelve Clubhouse Quilters stuffed themselves  into one car and one van (myself included) for our annual Spring Fling Shop Hop…this year there were EIGHT shops on the list!!  We stormed each shop…like the arrival of the cavalry!! CHARGE…it!

In all fairness I don’t have pictures of all the shops…in fact the only shop that I took pictures of was the Calico Horse.  Shops just don’t want you to take pictures anymore…I always ask…and when they say don’t take pictures of this and don’t take pictures of that, I just put my camera away.

This is the cute little display outside our first shop in Corona!!  Loved this shop…Stars and Scraps!


And they let me take a picture of the entrance but I took it so quickly that it is blurry…sorry about that!


I did take this picture of these sweet quilts for Sandy as she bought the pattern and panel!  Adorable!


Sandy is making this for her little grand daughter, Taylor.


Donna at the Calico Horse likes me to take pictures!!  Yes, she does…in fact she encourages me to take pictures!!  Donna said that last time I showed pictures of her shop she got ORDERS!!  It was such a NICE treat to whip around the shop snapping pictures of everything!!  That is until…until my battery died on me!

Look it’s Harvest Moon…I bought this pattern at Road to California and it was such a thrill to see it made up!  Love it!


And LOOK at the wool runner beside it…very cute!


What I enjoy most about the Calico Horse is that every time I go there Donna has new quilts hanging!!  This one is new…and is a real beauty!


This quilt had moved to a different wall so it LOOKED different…love the border!!


Nothing like a sweet and scrappy four patch!


Another new quilt…we all agreed that it was a beauty!


SEW much eye candy that we could barely stand it!


It was THIS quilt that stole the show!!  STUNNING!!!  WE loved everything about this quilt!! 


Here’s a close-up for you…nice, hey??


AND look at the quilting!!  ….sigh…wonderful!


A VERY sweet wool pillow…a Buttonwillow Design called Christmas Cardinal.


These four sweet table toppers were all made from ONE charm pack and a bit of  beige fabric!  Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these table toppers as a gift?


And look at the Rouenneries Deux display!!  Rouenneries was my favourite fabric line last year and Deux just makes it twice as good…I can mix the Deux with the first fabric for a whole new look!  Add a little of the blue/grey to the mix and WOW!!


And speaking of Rouenneries Deux…every shop that we visited gifted a fat quarter of this fabric line and a pattern to each Shop Hopper!!  YAHOO! How generous of each shop!! The fabric on the right is what I came home with…for FREE!  And I picked up two more fat quarters yesterday morning when Sandy and I finished off the hop!


Speaking of finishing off the Hop…here’s Sandy and the COOK at the Quilter’s Faire Fabric Shop!  They seem to be cooking up something quilty!P1170563

Yes…take twelve quilters…put them in eight Quilt Shops, mix and stir…add a dash of fabric, a splash of patterns and a dribble of notions…and we’ve got ourselves a delicious treat…that we all thoroughly enjoyed!! 

Thank you, Gwen and Siena for being woman enough to drive the vehicles and brave those wild California freeways…yowzers!  You done good! Whew!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I like seeing pictures taken in the quilt shops. They bring them business and free advertising.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day and I do love that big quilt, nice pattern and think I might have something like that in one of my books. Wonderful that you got a fat quarter, wish our stores would do that.


  3. Wow I would have loved to have been with you. I LOVE French General. The last time I went on a Shop Hop they were charging for everything. Fabric, pattern....... After that I decided not to do the Shop Hops anymore. They shorted me on fabric for the patterns, and even left out one pattern. Shabby, shabby :-( Not worth the gas to drive.

  4. Looks like you done good on the trip. Love your fabrics. The basket block quilt is my favorite!!
    The cardinal on the pillow is adorable. Might have to check that one out. Thank you somuch for sharing.

  5. Do you know the name of the pattern of the quilt you said "stole the show" Paulette? I agree, it is stunning!

  6. Looks like a fun trip...thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for another great quilt shop tour. They're very inspiring, I saw quite a few patterns I would love to try. How lucky you were to score those beautiful Rouenneries fabrics, especially the free ones. You've now got the makings for a beautiful quilt.

  8. I love when you and your buds go shop hopping!!! I especially love when you show pictures of Calico Horse - wonderful quilts.

  9. Ha ha ha! Paulette, I know that Donna from Calico Horse got a LOT of orders from me because of your blog! I'll bet I'm one of those she's talking about! Your Road to California blog pics made me check out their site, and I've place three orders with them in the past three weeks! What a great shop! I hope the new owner will maintain it like Donna has. Thanks for posting pics!

  10. Wow! You ladies had a great day. Looks like you saw a lot of great quilts. Good thing you took some pics. I love seeing pics of quilts!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time...and those quilts in the pictures, love them all!

  12. What a fun day. Love the quilts at the Calico Horse. Guess those other shops don't want free advertising of the shops.

  13. Do know the name of the quilt pattern in "quilt that stole the show"? Wow! Magnificent! Certainly would be in 'To Do Quilts' and would appreciate the name of the pattern. :)

  14. Love the shop pics, and the cardinal pillow is too cute and love the patchwork on white quilt. I've been admiring the Rouenneries Deux fabric line, the linens from that line look wonderful.

  15. Just to let those who asked know, the "quilt that stole the show" is "Confetti Cake" by The Pattern Basket. That is one of the kits I saw on Paulette's earlier post, and ended up ordering. :)

  16. Lovely photos Paulette. You came home with fabric in hand and a new stash of ideas. I look at some of these simple patterns and I have decided that I over complicate my quilting life. I am off to do something about that....

  17. Lovely photos Paulette. You came home with fabric in hand and a new stash of ideas. I look at some of these simple patterns and I have decided that I over complicate my quilting life. I am off to do something about that....

  18. Lovely photos Paulette. You came home with fabric in hand and a new stash of ideas. I look at some of these simple patterns and I have decided that I over complicate my quilting life. I am off to do something about that....

  19. Sounds like you had a good day. I wonder why some shops won't let you take photos? Seems to me that it would be good, and free, publicity.

  20. Sounds like you girls had a great time!:) Loved the pictures- thanks for sharing!! I've never got in on a shop hop- might have to now seeing all the fun you had!:) Have a great weekend!

  21. Do you know the name of the fabric panel with the sheep? Being a knitter & quilter, I would love to make that quilt!!