Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Wild West kinda’ Wednesday….

Yesterday my husband and I decided to take a trip through Joshua Tree National Park…usually the wildflowers are blooming by now and the desert is a riot of colour.

But FIRST a quick stop at my favourite Thrift Shop, Joshua Tree Thrift Shop…while my hubby walks the dogs!

Do you remember this quilt??P1170081

It was at this shop last month…loved this quilt but it was $75..just too much for me to handle for an old stained quilt…and it has been haunting me ever since!


So I am poking away in the shop when I hear a man ask the sales girl if the quilt is still $75?  As soon as I heard the word “QUILT” I spin around and zeroed in on them!  Sure enough it was MY quilt!!  It was STILL IN THE SHOP!!!  I scurry over and overheard the sales girl say that because the quilt has been in the shop for over a month that it is now HALF PRICE!! 


My heart STOPPED!  Yippee…HALF PRICE!  Would he take it?  Put it down…put it down…I’m silently saying to him…and guess what…HE PUTS IT DOWN!!  The sales girl sees that I’m interested in it so she yells to the man… “If you aren’t going to buy it, this lady is interested!”  I could have throttled her!   SO of course, HE PICKS IT UP AGAIN!!!  NOOOOoooooooo! 

I ‘casually’ go over to him and ask him if he is going to buy the quilt? He says he’s not sure..he has to ask his friend…so I follow him over to his friend…and wait while they discuss it..I give them a few minutes…trying to look casual…Finally I go over…It’s time to play hardball.  The man says that they have decided to buy it…but get this…THEY DON’T REALLY WANT IT!!  It’s going to be a prop in their movie and can I wait a month for it?  They will email me when they are finished with it…so I give them my email address and kiss off the quilt…Short of wrestling them to the ground the quilt is theirs.

If I had been 10 minutes earlier I would have scooped the quilt…and at half price!!  DARN!! 

So what do you think?  Will I hear from them again??  Or will this be the quilt that ‘Got  Away”?  How ironic that the quilt sits there for over a month waiting for ME only to be snatched out from under my nose!!  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be…

Oh well…on to the Park…!

Joshua Tree National Park was a bust for wildflowers…not one to be found…I guess that’s what happens when there is no rain during the Winter months!

But no matter, the Park was still beautiful…

yucca 1

Can you see the climber on the side of the rock?  Looks like a wee, small ant…yikes one slip…!


I do love this Park with these wonderful rock formations all over the place…the perfect setting for a Western MOVIE…can’t you see it?…The cowboy galloping on his horse… his gal hanging onto him as his horse rounds the rock…MY Quilt tied around her shoulders…


…spreading out MY QUILT for a picnic lunch…


…a gang of outlaws comes flying across the desert…


and after a shoot out, the outlaw snatches MY QUILT from under the gal’s bottom!


YUP, Sweet P rides again!!  Giddy up little cowgirl… Can’t you just see it….?

AND CUT!…sigh…

The ONLY plant flowering was the Joshua Trees…


Gorgeous…right to the very tips!


Have a wild West kind of Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P:)


  1. Paulette, sorry about your missing that quilt!! Now you will have something to remember for sure about that thrift store. You can keep looking, and I'm sure you will find another never have enough quilts, right? Make sure to get a warm one, 'cause it's snowing here in Eugene this morning, and it's cold!!!!!

  2. Keep the faith.. they probably will email you and you will get your quilt after all and have a story to tell about it.

  3. OMG! What a hoot! Your quilt could go along with the cowboy fabric I need!! LOL

  4. missed it by an inch..geesh that is too bad Paulette!..maybe just maybe you will see the quilt in a movie and those buyers will actually hold up their end of the bargain?..
    great post..thanks for the laugh this morning!!

  5. I think they will want to have their money back when they are done with it. I say yes you will get it. But the shipping will take the cost up to the original cost of the quilt.

  6. I'm guessing that you will get it back, but what a story!

    We did the Joshua Tree National Park last week and found that the desert had not yet bloomed too. I think it will be another month, but even the neutral colors are gorgeous.

  7. I think you will hear from the movie people. Sounds like a win-win to me. Just be patient.

  8. They may just give it to you, sounds like they just wanted to use it, but not keep it, so hopefully they will contact you. What beautiful photos of the park and a gorgeous day to visit.


  9. I hope you do hear from them. The quilt is really lovely!

  10. Well, I hope you do hear from them, and that they haven't ruined it in the filming - AND they give you the price they paid!!! Yep, I can see that movie, yeehaw!

  11. Fingers crossed that they not only contact you but give it to you for free (or at least half off the half off price)!

  12. What a crack up! I love your daydream story closer, too...I know that feeling by heart...and those kind of buys are the ones you remember time and again!

  13. Thanks for my first laugh of the day . I think they will send you the quilt, but then I tend to be an optomist.

  14. I hope they do send you the quilt. Only time will tell, and if it's meant to be, then it will! :0)

  15. What a story! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  16. I'm hoping with all my heart for you to finally have your quilt. Fingers and toes crossed. It is a beauty.

  17. Oh no the outlaw(s) took your quilt. Where was your six shooter? LOL

    I hope the quilt goes home to you in due time.

  18. That's a shame, I'm hoping that they will contact you in a month about the quilt, it's only right!

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the trip to Joshua Tree. I absolutely love the place. Have been going there for many, many years and never tire of seeing.
    Your photos show that gorgeous desert. I am in debt to you, gal.

    Notice how I'm glossing over that dreaded quilt story ! ! !


  20. Oh man! i would be SO ticked at that salesclerk!! I will keep my fingers crossed you get the call that they want to get that quilt to you. (Just gorgeous quilt!)

  21. Oh man! i would be SO ticked at that salesclerk!! I will keep my fingers crossed you get the call that they want to get that quilt to you. (Just gorgeous quilt!)

  22. Oh man! i would be SO ticked at that salesclerk!! I will keep my fingers crossed you get the call that they want to get that quilt to you. (Just gorgeous quilt!)

  23. Oh man! i would be SO ticked at that salesclerk!! I will keep my fingers crossed you get the call that they want to get that quilt to you. (Just gorgeous quilt!)

  24. Oh man! i would be SO ticked at that salesclerk!! I will keep my fingers crossed you get the call that they want to get that quilt to you. (Just gorgeous quilt!)

  25. A similar story...I was at a garage sale and they had one of those heavy circular pattern holders they have in the quilt stores...I ask her how much she wants for it. She say "it is not for sale but if I come back after the garage sale tomorrow at 4 p.m. you can have it"...I was there at 3:59 with my son and his van...I knew it wouldn't fit in my car. Yippee for me....I luv it...
    I think you will hear from them... if they don't loose your email address....did you get their email address? Think positive....and it will by yours....Pauline

  26. Love that story, bet you wanted to strangle that sales clerk. Hope you get your quilt back. Joshua Tree Park looks great, one of the few National Parks I havent' been to, thanks for the photo trip.

  27. And I am kicking myself all the way over here in PA because I called the shop after you showed it last time, to ask if it were still available. I was all set to buy it immediately. They informed me it was sold and that there were no quilts in the shop. Obviously someone did not know the stock. I do hope they call you!

  28. If it's meant to be your quilt then it will be - but it will be a famous movie star by then.

    Beautiful shots of the desert. What blue skies!!

  29. Hi ho Silver! Six shooter that clerk I say!

  30. What a hoot! Did you ask what the movie title was? Then you can see YOUR quilt too! Hopefully they won't lose your info and get it to you as promised. You were actually kind..when he walked away from it you could have grabbed it up tossed the cash to the cashier and split!! LOL

  31. Fingers crossed, I hope you get your quilt!!! Your story had me on the edge of my seat!!

  32. I hope they do get back to you when they are done with the quilt. You will have a 'famous' Quilt then. Keep us posted! we will want to see this movie. You could always make a reproduction of it too. Fire up the GO cutter again!