Thursday, March 22, 2012

Clubhouse Quilting…the LAST day!

Yesterday we may have been small in numbers (we are down to only SIX members)…but the Clubhouse Quilters still had a fun, productive day!

Yes, we are dropping like flies now! Like rats abandoning a sinking ship…

WHAT?  Hardly!  We have all had a WONDERFUL holiday full of quilty FUN…and we are all eager to get home to enjoy a lovely Spring!!  Yes, there will be yard work and housework and probably lots of rain waiting for us… ah yes..rain. 

I mean really, the good life has got to end sometime…besides you can only take so much FUN for one year!!  :) Sounds like I’m trying to talk myself into believing all this, doesn’t it!?  Oh week there will be only THREE Clubhouse Quilters..but the show will still go on without us rats!

Let me show you what we did yesterday…

Anne has finished her adorable Calico Horse Quilt top…using her FREE Rouenneries Deux FQ from the Spring Fling Shop Hop!  This was the FREE pattern from the Calico Horse Quilt Shop!!  Isn’t it sweet!!


AND she has almost finished her lovely Geranium Penny Rug…she just has to do some more embroidery work and then find the right frame to do this baby justice!!


LOVE IT!! It’s all about the mottle wool…makes the leaves and flowers POP!!


This is where you can find the pattern for this little woolie…


Here’s Gwen with her GORGEOUS wool and homespun wall hanging..the centre is wool and the halved log cabins are made using Pumpkin Patch Flannels!


She was auditioning buttons for the berries…


…and this is what she settled on…don’t the button berries finish the centre off nicely!!


Here Gwen is marking quilting lines on the edge of her little quilt…wavy lines which will form the vines that go all around!!  I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS ONE FINISHED!!  Gwen is going to have to send us pictures!


You can find the pattern for this little wall hanging/tabletopper in this magazine…


Siena flew in just long enough to show us her latest masterpiece..a runner for her dining room table!  Don’t you just LOVE prairie points!!


I’m loving this pattern!!  VERY nice!!


Sandy, our newest Apprentice…was busy with the GO!…cutting out 5” blocks to make a Split Nine Patch Table Topper!  Hey, it looks like she knows what she is doing…


You GO! Sandy!  Sandy is using a South Western print to remind her of her time on the Desert! 


Phyllis was busy making bags for gifts for Grand daughters! What a good grandma!!


Aren’t they beauties…and so are the grand daughters, I’m sure!


Phyllis has an eye for pairing up lovely fabrics!!


And I got the borders on the Wee Basket Quilt…I will show you more of this quilt when she is done!  BUT I will say this…I am Red heart this quilt!!  I got the tutorial to make this quilt HERE at ABC Blog (thanks Brandie!!)…did I mention I only used ONE CHARM PACK to make all 81 baskets!!


This isn’t the end…I STILL need to show you what Seattle Judy has been up to! 

Tomorrow is another day…YOGA awaits…and I have skipped far too many classes lately!!  You can tell when I have been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN…Yoga goes out the window! 

So looks like I lied…it’s not the LAST day for Clubhouse Quilting…stay tuned for tomorrow!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Your clubhouse group makes such beautiful and varied projects. Sew nice!!!!

  2. Looking good!
    I was sad to think this was the last club house day. I love all the inspiration. Glad there is a least one more day.

  3. Thanks for inviting us to your Clubhouse Quilters Show 'n' Tell. Such wonderful projects.

    ???? This is the second time I've seen that table runner with the prairie points... or at least one very similar. Any chance of sharing the pattern name? TIA... Karen

  4. Wow!! Paulette; I actually thought for a second that the wool piece was real flowers sitting on a black!! Every piece you showed us is just gorgeous!! Each one has such a beauty about it...and all so different...your basket quilt is something else!!

  5. So many beautiful quilts and wool pieces. I love the idea of using buttons for the piece, one of these days I will get back to mine and finish it.


  6. Hi Paulette,

    Your group has done some lovely work this winter.

    For weather, I'm looking out to sunshine 0C with a slight chance of snow today in Vancouver.

    Expected to get up to 13C and very Spring like weather, lots of bulbs and cherry blossoms blooming!

  7. Everything is beautiful but I particularly like the first quilt and the runner! Beautiful!

  8. Wow everyone is so busy and making such lovely projects.

  9. Ohhh how I LOVE the green nine-patch quilt! it is wonderful. It looks like you all had an amazing time together. I wish I could have joined you all ;-)

  10. I know you're going to miss all your Clubhouse Gang! Do you all keep in touch during the summer months? I really like Gwen's quilt - it really is stunning!

  11. So many varied projects sure keep those creative juices flowing. Your tiny baskets are finishing up so sweet. The geranium woolsie is also precious.
    I tell you, I do hope To see you in person next time you come down ~

  12. Thanks for sharing...have safe travels will hit LOTS of rain next week coming thru the Pacific NW...will let you know how the quilt show goes this weekend.

  13. WOWZER!! You gals really work fast!! Love the red border around the 9patch quilt; and oh-h, those plaids around the pineapple block - what a charmer!! And you know your twin loves your baskets!!

    Happy travels until we meet again!!

    doni @ Stormy, windy, not Palm Springs, Oregon coast

  14. Wow!! Paulette; I actually thought for a second that the wool piece was real flowers sitting on a black!! Every piece you showed us is just gorgeous!! Each one has such a beauty about it...and all so different...your basket quilt is something else!!