Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pioneer Quilts….PART ONE!

Yesterday I said that I was off to Portland’s Fabric Depot but I seem to have got side tracked… thanks to Synthia and Sally!  Both of these ladies said that I just HAD to go to the Pioneer Quilt what’s a quilter to do..but follow her Followers!  And man, am I ever glad I did!!

I now have a NEW Favourite Quilt Shop!!  I’m sure after you see my pictures you will agree…SEW pour yourself another coffee and get comfy!

Ok..this is good!  I always love it when there is a welcoming quilt at the front door…even if it is raining out!P1170850 - Copy

This quilt was hanging over the cash register..LOVE IT!!

P1170851 - Copy

Pan out..Here is a look at that wall..lots of woolie goodness!P1170852 - Copy

To the left, this stunning applique quilt…

P1170853 - Copy

And at the table by the door!!  Be still my heart!  All this and I haven’t even closed the DOOR!!

P1170854 - Copy

Throughout the shop there are little surprise this one!

P1170855 - Copy

And did I mention WOOLIE GOODNESS?  Yup…thought so…well I will be mentioning THAT a lot!  This shop is full of wool, wool patterns and wool displays!

P1170856 - Copy

Oh…and tons of Civil War fabrics, patterns and books!!

P1170857 - Copy

Tons of stuff that is new to me…and probably to you too!

P1170858 - Copy

Just LOOK at all the wool…by the bolt and by the piece..and tons of hand dyed wool as well!

P1170859 - Copy

Yes, JAM fever has struck this shop!

P1170860 - Copy

And Sue Spargo has been and left her mark!

P1170861 - Copy

Primitive Gatherings is here..just look at this itty-bitty little quilt!

P1170862 - Copy

And this beauty…the detail took my breath away!!

P1170863 - Copy

And of course Maggie B. was here…LOVE her work!

P1170864 - Copy

Sprinkled with CW quilts!!

P1170865 - Copy

AND THEN throw in Bonnie Sullivan (All Through the Night)..IT’S ‘STARRY NIGHT’!!  I ordered this one from Bonnie a few years back…and here it is!!  I even have the fabric to make it…somewhere in my sewing room back home…!!!  AND I still love it!!  How could I not?!  It’s stunning!!


Whew!!  Well, we made it part way down the shop..and I don’t want to blow up the RV Park’s Wifi when I post!! Part TWO tomorrow.. I sure hope you don’t mind…!  :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Loved going through the quilt shop with you. It's a stunner. . .

  2. I really like that civil war quilt. Did you happen to get the pattern's name?

    Thanks, Sandy

  3. Great pictures. That sure looks like your kind of place alright!!

  4. glad that this store was a success!!..part two?..come on just hog the bandwith for today and get it over with!!

  5. I sure don't mind, can hardly wait until tomorrow. Would especially love to see what you bought.

  6. That basket quilt is lovely! I think I see another basket quilt in my future!

  7. Next time I'm in Portland this will be the first place I go! Thank you for sharing. I am excited for tomorrow! Christine

  8. Looks like a destination quilt shop! Wonderful pictures! Thanks for such a sweet view of all the quilts and beautiful fabrics!

  9. What a wonderful quilt shop ! I had SO much fun looking at all of your pictures of the shop ! Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow

  10. Oh my gosh what a great "new" quilt shop, has your heartbeat slowed yet! I would love to some day take a class from Sue Spargo!

  11. Told ya so, told ya so!!! :)

  12. I love all the fun quilt shops in the PDX area. I've never been to Pioneer Quilts though. I'll have to check it out on my next trip. I love Fabric Depot. It's almost to overwhelming. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Be still my heart, lol.
    That is a shop, well worth a detour for, everything I love in one place.


  14. so happy to hear that it wasn't as disappointing as your stop at pendleton's~!~
    it does look very tempting and i can hardly wait to see your next post.


  15. I hope you found time to go to the Fabric Depot yet today. I know you are more into the wool stuff but the first time I walked into the Fabric Depot my jaw just dropped. Every fabric company and every beautiful piece of fabric you could ever imagine. I just love that place and get there as often as I can. I will have to go to Primitive quilts one of these days too.

  16. good thing you listened...this is one of my favorite shops!

  17. Now you see why I thought you should stop at this shop back when you came through Portland...I knew you'd love it!!! It is fun.

  18. Looks like a wonderful place - love those squirrels! Did you pack up the whole store and take it with you? *G*