Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sisters…or what?  Meet Doni…my long lost sister…well actually she is my BLOGGING SISTER!  P1170723 I’m on the left and Doni is on the right…yikes!  We could be twins! 

Doni lives on the Oregon coast, writes a blog called Quilting and Life in General and she follows my blog!  About a month ago she wrote and said she would be in Palm Springs and would it be possible to come to ‘Quilting in the Clubhouse’  You betch’a! 

Yesterday was the day!!  SEW exciting!!  Of course the first thing I commented on was ‘the hair’…I mean really who has WHITE hair like THAT!! haha

Yes, Doni was full of surprises…like when I told her to bring something to work on, I wasn’t prepared for THIS…!!!

P1170693 - Copy

It took my breath away…GORGEOUS!  We are talking heirloom quilt in the making!!  I recognised it instantly…Blackbird Design..Birds of a Feather by Alma Allan and Barb Adams…love it… it’s on my ‘Live to Be 200 Bucket List’!  Yup, twins!

P1170694 - Copy

Doni’s workmanship is wonderful…all machine appliqued using a small, fine blanket stitch…

…and now Doni is in the process of hand quilting the quilt.  She has finished stitching around every applique piece and is now quilting inside all the pieces…see the stitching on the bird…

P1170696 - Copy

When she is finished this, Doni is planning on hand quilting a cross hatch over the whole entire quilt.  Yup…she planning on living to be 200 too!

P1170697 - Copy

Isn’t it simply breathtaking!

P1170698 - Copy

Ok… now let’s zoom in for a close-up of her hand quilting…perfect or what?!


And when Doni gets tired of working on her ‘Birds of a Feather’ she turns to her ‘Pies and Tarts’…again all hand appliqued…and made using mostly Civil War Fabrics!!  LOVE IT!!


Incredible isn’t it!!!


And when she is finished appliqueing she reduces the bulk by cutting away the backing…


Yup…Kindred Spirits for sure!  AND Doni  turned out to be really nice and fit right in with the Clubhouse Quilters!  In fact, next year she is coming for TWO Wednesday meetings!  We figure that will give us two days to convince her to stay for she at least THREE MONTHS the following year!  We didn’t even mention the Road to California Quilt Show, the trips to Temecula, The Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop or the weekly runs to JoAnn’s…I mean really, we have some heavy duty artillery to use to convince quilters to stay!  :) 

SEW head on over to Doni’s Blog…see what she is up to and also see pictures of her beautiful Oregon coast…spectacular for sure!  Oh..and don’t forget to tell her that her twin sister sent you!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You are really twins - both fabulous quilters!

  2. Such a tease! When I read the title of the post I was jumping for joy!! Sweet P coming to Sisters, Oregon!!! hoo. But loved "your" sister and her quilts are fabulous!!!

  3. You two, really look alike, lol.
    Beautiful quilting and so nice that you could get together.


  4. All I can say is WOW! a little freaky .... (insert sinister music here) ... but a good kind of freaky

  5. It is now a thrilling Thursday because I read your post! How thrilling for you to meet a blog sister! What a wonderful time you must have had. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow twins is right - and her quilts are just spectacular!! I love her hand quilting!

  7. They say we all have a twin somewhere and I think you found yours :). My goodness those quilts are amazing and beautiful. Her colors are perfect :). Glad your day was a good one.


  8. Doni and I would get along just fine. I have some blocks prepped for that very quilt.

  9. Not sure what's up with that look on your face. Doni does beautiful work. Off to check out her blog.

  10. You could be twins, most definitely. I'm in the process of growing out my color and letting my hair be salt and pepper--both of you have beautiful hair!

  11. everyone has a twin and you just met yours!!

  12. Great story! Beautiful quilts! You really could be sisters, isn't that something!

  13. The likeness is amazing! I think ya'll must have been twins separated at birth. :) blessings, marlene

  14. Twins, indeed. And small world too. I read Doni's blog when she was still in Nebraska.

  15. Home again!! Our computer refused to talk to the WIFI at the hotel - and 5 days without our computer was a little more vacation than I'd planned!!

    I had SO-O much fun with this great group of quilters. They simply made my vacation!! It was great to meet Paulette in person [yes, she is just as nice as she is online!!]

    I've already informed my DH of our plans next year!! LOL!

    Thanks again for a great time, ladies!!

    doni @ Oregon coast again