Monday, March 12, 2012

Clubhouse Quilting…

YIKES!!  Looks like I slept in this morning!!  Guess the time change got the best of me because I didn’t wake up till after 7!!  Looks like no Yoga for me this morning…

Tomorrow is Quilting in the Clubhouse here at The Sands RV Resort and I haven’t shared LAST week’s treasures!! They are going to fire me for sure!

SEW…new gal (can’t remember her name???) showed us her hand appliqued blocks that she has been working on…


Sweet aren’t they…


These two blocks are a Shabby Fabrics design called “Blessings of Summer”…just lovely…and none too Shabby!


She showed us her technique…using Elmer’s Glue (the kind that is only $1 a stick…you know the glue that KIDS use!! I have got to get some of this stuff and try it on my Hexagons!! )


JUST look at what Gwen is creating….yes it’s wool…GORGEOUS WOOL!!  See the Pumpkin Patch Flannels beside it..well stay tuned because she is doing a large log cabin using these fabrics and it will go right around this wool creation.  Can’t wait to see this one finished!


Dorothy has been using her time wisely too!  Love these Hot Pot Pads…and far too pretty to put hot pots on!


Here are some close-ups…notice how many layers of fabric are used to make one of these mats!! TONS!


Anne, one of our new WOOL CRAZIES…is now on her THIRD creation!!  Yes, she is hooked for sure!  This is a from a kit that she bought while at the Road to CA from the Primitive Gatherings Booth.  This is going to be spectacular…love the mottled hand-dyed wools!  YES, Anne has TWO Golden Labs…black wool and dogs don’t mix! :o)



Do you remember how each of the Spring Fling Shop Hoppers received FREE Fat Quarters of Rouenneries Deux from each shop…well look at what Gwen is doing with her stack of FQs!



She sliced and diced a Spit Nine Patch…


And moving faster than our park’s Road Runners, she had created THIS~  I’m loving it!


Seattle Judy has been stitching away on THIS!  Isn’t it sweet…!!


Judy is taking part in a BOM from her local quilt shop!  I look forward to seeing this one all stitched up!!  Love the wools on cotton and I am a sucker for lambs!  Ahhhhhh…..P1170639

Sharon has been VERY busy!  Just LOOK at what she has together…


Isn’t this quilt striking!!  Just beautiful!


This is the pattern that she is using…from an old Fons and Porter magazine…(another reason NEVER to throw away those old additions!)


Just in case you are interested in getting your hands on a copy…here is the info..


Whew…I can hold my head up in quilting tomorrow!!  Better late than never!  Wonder what will be FINISHED …and what the ladies will be working on?  Stay tuned!

Well it’s 8:15am…almost lunch time!!  :) Best get this posted and start another day!  The sun is shining…and it’s another warm one!  I LOVE IT HERE…wonder what it’s doing at home?

Have a marvellous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You are always so good at sharing with us. Thank you!
    I love all the quilts. Those pot holders are wonderful. Do you know if a pattern is available for them?
    Have a great week and enjoy your sunny weather.

  2. I'll tell you what it is doing at home. Windy, windy, windy. Wind 70 mph, gusting to 90 mph. We have 13 fir trees on our property and the front and back lawns are a mess, limbs everywhere and it's expected to last until this afternoon. All ferries cancelled, of course. So far, for us, no power outages, but elsewhere there are plenty. I've never seen it quite this bad. Lovely quilting as always, from the Clubhouse Quilters. Looking forward to seeing what else they are up to. Hope you have a windless day.

  3. Gwen's wool applique and those flannels are gorgeous. Thanks for another great quilt show.

  4. What great projects - love that Blessings of Summer quilt!

  5. At Home is a BIG windstorm, power was out for a long time this morning. Just came on, so will head to quilting - at 10:00 am. Enjoy your sunshine!!

  6. All awesome projects but I'm really loving the complexity of the potholders.

    And absolutely love all the wool.

  7. So many beautiful pieces. I have the pineapple piece, but I used cotton, so not the best appliqué. It is still in the UFO pile;)


  8. Thanks for sharing these. I always keep old editions of my magazines. They are so inspirational just to look through.

  9. Hold your head high deserve it. Thanks for sharing all the fun things happening at the clubhouse. You always have lots of inspiration and luv seeing all the projects the ladies are working on. Have a wonderful week!

  10. I love when you share club house quilting. Such a fabulous variety of projects.

  11. absolutely stunning work my dear....this is going to be a beautiful quilt

  12. careful with that particular glue. I heard the bugs love it...(similar to moths liking wool. L

  13. Oh wow, so many beauties! I would love to know where I could find the pattern for the hot pot cozy trivets though. Those are wonderful!

  14. I love all the wonderful projects you've shown. How did she slice that 9 patch, was it right down the middle, then across the middle? I am going to try that next, looks hard, but isn't. Don't we love those? Thanks for sharing all the good times and what the ladies are doing,.

  15. Thanks for the update; was beginning to wonder about you. Weather wise, you aren't missing a thing. Little snow last week, then sun on Thursday, then more rain. Rain and wind today. Stay where your at! It will probably get nice the first week of August. LOL!

  16. Hot Pot Pads, now there's something I might be able to do...only not as beautiful as those!

  17. It's always neat to see so many different projects and how every person has a different vision and talent. I wish I had the patience/desire to some of the beautiful wool work. I especially love those geraniums (at least I think they were geraniums).

  18. I'm in love with the Rouenneries Deux, be still my heart.

  19. the hot pads are so nice! asked what it was doing at home?..try major wind storm, downed trees and powerlines!..winds were clocked at 135 kilometers an hour at Campbell River! was a blustery day for the Island folk!

  20. I wanted to sleep all day. Sorry You missed your Yoga, but not the Quilting in the Clubhouse. Great projects going on.

  21. Lots of lovely things to look at again, thanks. Do any of your fellow quilters ever sleep? I wonder what you all got up to yesterday?

  22. I love it when you share all the pic's.