Monday, March 5, 2012

“It’s a GOOD THING”…

Today I thought I’d share two really good ‘TIPS’ with you.  The first one I learned at the Clubhouse…not sure who’s idea it was but it was a brilliant one! 

Now living in a trailer I, of course, don’t have a design wall…so this is the next best thing!  You take a flannel backed plastic tablecloth and spread it out on the floor.  Line up your blocks on the flannel just like you would on your design wall…and when you are ready to clean up…


…you just roll it up…blocks and all!!  The blocks stick to the flannel and stay in place!  Fold it up and put in away.  You roll/fold loosely so that the blocks won’t wrinkle! Then the next time you sew, you just unroll the tablecloth and presto your blocks are right where they were the last time you sewed…no placing blocks!!  You are READY to sew! 

Yesterday when I was sewing I had out my ‘design wall’…and was sewing away and then got I COMPANY!!  YIKES!!  Fabric ALL over the place!  It was too hot to sit outside…so within 5 seconds I rolled up the design wall and had my mess cleaned up!  LOVE IT!!  Did I mention that my company was very IMPRESSED and they weren’t even quilters!


See how easy it is to roll up…and then fold and put away!  Out of sight…but not out of mind!

My second tip involves these dryer bags that I spotted at Trader Joe’s!  I may have mentioned them before but they are SEW good that they are worth a second shout out!

P1170612They are Lavender Bags for the dryer…good for 10 cycles and your clothes come out of the dryer with the hint of lavender smell…which I LOVE!!  But that’s not why I bought them…I thought I would put each bag in each of my four dresser drawers as I love the smell of Lavender…and it works!! 

BUT LOOK at the fine print…it’s good as a moth repellent!! EUREKA!! I will be adding bags to my wool bins at home…WHO KNEW moths hate lavender?  Well probably Martha knew…she knows everything!…

When I get home and the lavender is ripe for picking I’m going to be whipping up little mesh lavender bags for sure!  Those West Coast Moths are going to hate me and more importantly hate MY WOOL!!


And as Martha would say…that is a ‘Good Thing’!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Great tips , love the lavender idea ,thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the table cloth idea, great for camping trips.
    I usually work on small things when I travel though, never gone that long;) I have a lavender sachet that a friend sent me, keep it it the wool shelves downstairs and so far, no moths.


  3. Two-Fer post today
    two great tips in one post

  4. ciao hello
    happy to visit here
    smiles from Turkey

  5. Your basket quilt is coming along beautifully!!! I LOVE it!

  6. I love the basket quilt in fact I went to the free tutorial and saved it I'm going to make one for myself. How many charm packs did you use? Love the design wall idea.

  7. I've used the plastic tablecloth idea for awhile and shared it with friends.

    Another product good for repelling moths is Irish Spring Soap!

    Some wool hooking friends shared that idea with me, and now I share it with you.

  8. Love the tablecloth hint! I'll be living in a hotel for six weeks soon, so I will need something that I can spread on the bed in the morning and roll up in the evening.

  9. Your roll-up design wall is a good idea! Have you seen OleFrogEyes? Don't even have to roll it up when your company arrives! LOL

  10. Love the cloth idea! I live in a relatively small house (ordinary UK houses are small) and haven't got anywhere to hang a design wall but that would work really well - thank you!

  11. Great tips, but just one thing? "IT was too hot to sit outside?" What? Here we are in rainy, DAMP, cold Portland...I am thinking I need to go on a serious wool diet and save some money for an airplane ticket to either Vegas or Palm Springs!!! :o)

  12. Heading to trader joes tomorrow - great post And a very nice quilt that you are working on!!

  13. I make lavender sachet pouches out of used unscented dryer sheets - never thought to throw them back in the dryer with the lavender in them???

  14. Your first picture of the Christmas quilt is the same one I have as a UFO and on my 2012 to do list. Most of the blocks are done and only needs to be put together. My colors are white, cream and a splash of silver and blue.