Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pendleton Woolen Mill Shop…

When my husband suggested a brief lay-over in Portland for a couple of days I let out a huge “YAHOOO”…heard all the way up to the Canadian Border!  The look on his face said it all, then his.. “OK, what’s in Portland that I don’t know about?..And why do I have to ask?”  Yup…we are talking quilting shops!

I have wanted to go to Fabric Depot in Portland for a long time…and then Gwen (one of the Clubhouse Quilters) kept talking about the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store located in Portland..and all the great deals that she got there!  According to Gwen there was a remnant table where you buy 5 or 6 large pieces of wool for only $25!! This store was quickly added to my list of stops…

So when hubby asked where to go first, I was quick to say Pendletons!


Upon entry…lots of displays…wool blankets hanging….


It was HUGE inside…just point me to the Remnant SALES table….


Yup…yup…lovely displays..keep focused!


Buttons and grommets…


Bins of old spools.


They even have classes…but where is the Remnant table??


There are tables of pre-cut wool yardage…and it was on Sale.


Lots of pieces of wool strips…ah to be a rug hooker! 


Back to the main floor…NO REMNANT TABLE!


I hustle over to the sales girl… ‘HAVE I GOT THE RIGHT STORE??”  I explain what I’m looking for…yup, right store but they have done away with the Remnant Table…not a Fat Quarter to be seen!  Not a Scrap in sight!   Not a BARGOON TO BE FOUND!!  NOOOooooooo! 

So back to the 40% off table…let’s see at $54 a yard…40% off…that works out to about $33 a yard!!  THIS is no deal!!  The wool on rolls is only 20-30% off and very light weight wool.

In the end…I buy a couple of 1/2 yard lengths of greens…some buttons..and leave Pendleton’s with a sad heart..Lovely wools but no cigar!

On a positive note…my husband (and dogs) had a lovely time walking the trails around the shop, enjoying the sunshine…and views!  P1170822

Mt. St. Helen’s is practically right in town!  Gorgeous view!


But view-smiews…I won’t even tell you about the rush hour traffic that we got caught in on the way back to the RV Park…nope…I’m not even going there!! 

Fabric Depot…Here I come!..let’s hope it’s not a BUST too!  (Stay tuned…)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That sure was a disappointment and way too much for wool. I love their blankets, but too high for me.


  2. You MUST go to Pioneer Quilts. See your email for more information. Urgent! Hurry!

  3. I knew there was a reason I hadn't been there. You'll be in heaven at Fabric Depot!!

  4. You need to go to Poineer Quilts right off Sunnyside on 205. It's the best! Sally from Oregon

    Read please

  5. Well at least the store was beautiful!! And the views too ;) Thanks for sharing your wonderful days with us - love living vicariously!!

  6. Hope Fabric Depot doesn't disappoint. Enjoy Portland and hope the weather doesn't turn cold and rainy.

  7. Well, there is certainly a bright side to see. Your friends have been raving about Pendleton and the deals. At least you can go home knowing there were none to be had, instead of dreaming about what you missed.

    On to Fabric Depot!!
    xx, carol

  8. Enjoy Fabric Depot! Their outdoor store/discount centre is wonderful in the summer and even winter months.

    I add my suggestion to checking out Pioneer Quilts, I stumbled upon it the last time I was in the area and found it delightful!

    Safe driving, see you on my side of the border soon.

  9. How disappointing. However, with a name like Fabric Depot, I'm sure you are bound to find some treasures here.

  10. I think the remnant table is in Pendleton Oregon...as for Fabric Depot...think 5 acres of fabric goods...you'll need a cocktail when you get home! lol

  11. Was looking at another blog that is selling bundles of wool. Don't know if you'd be interested, but you should check it out!


  12. Sorry you were disappointed in the wool - but trust me, you will not be disappointed in the Fabric Depot!!

  13. Have you considered thrift stores as a source of Pendleton wool? Lots of wool skirts hitting the thrift stores these days. People want easy care. While I have never been to a Pendleton outlet, I did visit the Woolrich one in Pennsylvania near my daughter's college (Lock Haven). Not sure it is still there but lots of good bargains then. I will be happy to watch my thrift store for Pendleton wool skirts if you would like.

  14. Oh BUMMER - I hope you have a better time at the quilt shop!

  15. You will love Fabric Depot! You can get on their email list-they always have great deals. I live in Southern CA and order from the a lot. Also while you are in the area my favorite quilting shop is Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn. My Mom lives in Tigard and I always visit these places when I'm there. Have Fun!

  16. You will love Fabric Depot! You can get on their email list-they always have great deals. I live in Southern CA and order from the a lot. Also while you are in the area my favorite quilting shop is Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in West Linn. My Mom lives in Tigard and I always visit these places when I'm there. Have Fun!

  17. OH!!!! where are you staying and for how long???? There is a quilt show at the Portland Expo Center this Thursday thru Saturday...Cathy will be a part of a booth there....

    Feel free to either email me or phone me...I'd love to meet you if you have time and I have time. I live in NE Portland, near the airport.

    Also remember Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas...I believe they will be at the quilt store as well.


  18. Oh, that's too bad about the wool. I had seen this advertised online and wondered what they had- thanks for sharing but alittle too steep for me! I order too from Fabric Depot and they have great sales- alot- so I'm sure you'll find some great deals. My brother lives outside of Portland (in Hillsboro, Or) and always talks about the traffic. Takes him awhile to go back and forth to work. They love it out there though and wouldn't leave for anything. I agree- gotta love those snowcaps!!:)

  19. My friend who used to live in Portland says to shop at the thrift stores for Pendleton shirts, etc. She says sometimes you can get one for 25 cents to $1.00. She has sent me several pieces from shirts.

  20. Hi Sweet P!

    We're sorry that you were unable to find what you were looking for on your recent visit to the Woolen Mill Store.

    Your friend might have been thinking of our Fat Quarters -- 8 pieces of Pendleton wool fabric for $25? We do have choose-your-own Fat Quarters and premade sets for the same price. They are made up of our worsted and flannel weight fabrics.

    A lot of our remnant pieces end up in our per pound scrap bins. We have a $3 per pound bin for pieces 3-9" wide and a $5 per pound bin for larger pieces. The $5 per pound bins can be found beneath the fabric tables and the $3 per pound bin is in front of our large cutting table towards the back of the store. Our supply of scraps depends entirely on what they're making at our two Pacific Northwest mills. We have no control over what we get and when we get it... but we do have a weekly Truck Report on our blog (thewoolenmillstore.blogspot.com) on Friday mornings to let everyone know what the Pendleton truck delivered this week.

    What you see on the tables are first-quality yardage cut from the rolls -- prices for table pieces start at $5 per yard. The largest remnants do tend to appear on a table -- usually towards the back of the fabric area.

    We do hope you'll give us another visit the next time you're in Portland. Any of our sales associates can guide you to the best deals in the store!