Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas at the Loft…continued…

Yup! We’re still at the Country Loft experiencing their Christmas Kit Day (see yesterday’s post for part ONE if you missed it!)…Hope you are up for another day of ohhhhing and ahhhhing all their wonderful Christmas displays…

Do you remember this quilt?  I have talked about this quilt before…


It’s a FREE pattern from Lecien, designed by Lynette Anderson and made in my favourite Christmas fabric, Scandinavian Christmas… I didn’t realized that this quilt was so big or so BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous!! It was behind the cutting table so I couldn’t get a full shot of it without asking ten or twelve ladies to move..

Let me try to zoom in for a close-up…so sweet!



I love this little wall hanging…dang cute..


And you can do it two different ways…in wool (top) or embroidered (bottom)…both ways are adorable!


Throughout the shop are wonderful prim styled angels, Santas and Raggedy Andy/Annies…ahhhh~dorable!


An embroidered Snowman quilt…look at how the snowflakes are embroidered here and there on the white squares…I kick myself for not buying this pattern!!  VERY cute!


This quilt was hanging in the bathroom and it caught my eye…Love the free motion quilting on it!P1160136

I took a picture of the food table so that you could see that the Country Loft is very hospitable and knows how to takes care of their quilters….BUT now when I look at this picture I see that little twister quilt…to the right…in the shape of a wreath!  Missed that but VERY cute!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…guess that’s why!


There’s MY Autumn Quilt that I am working on now!!  Love it!!


And of course I HAD to take a picture of JoAnne’s Wool Crazy Quilt…sew incredibly stunning!!


I love tree quilts made from half square triangles…and this one is perfect for Fall…


I was standing there admiring this whole wall when one of the shoppers told me how this was the result of a triangle swap that the local quilters had been involved in!  EVERYTHING was gorgeous!


This quilt took my breath away…I HAD to buy the pattern!!  It reminded me of a classroom of children holding hands while standing on top of the world…The pattern is called Circle of Friendship by Kathy Cardiff.  She is such a talented designer! (It’s at a weird angle because it’s folded and draped over a door.)


Loved the free motion quilting and the lovely shirting for the snowballs…


..and the children/people were made out of CW Fabric.  LOVE IT!!


Another stunner!!  Too many gorgeous things to look at!


This is another pattern that found it’s way into my shopping bag!!  Incredible sweet and sentimental…LOVE IT!!! I HAD TO HAVE IT!!  It’s called ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ by Joann Mullaly…I love everything she designs and this is no exception…she is just SEW talented and to see her creations in the flesh is like seeing a great Masterpiece!


How about a few Wool Crazy pouches decorating your home for Christmas…amazing!


Wow!  That was like visiting the Country  Loft all over again…BUT WAIT…I STILL have MORE pictures!!  Would you mind shopping just ONE more day?  If you’re game…then sew am I!!  See you here tomorrow…same time..same place!!  You might even get to meet Joann Mullaly…in the flesh!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh my goodness. This shop is absolutely amazing. I just love that wool Crazy Quilt. I used to have Little Quilts in Marietta, Ga. at the top of my bucket list, but they've now been replaced by the Country Loft, which is probably doable, considering where I live. Looking forward to more Country Loft tomorrow. BTW, your photos are wonderful.

  2. What a bunch of eye candy in that shop! I can hear the excitiement and pleasure in your writing. It is a great place to visit, even if only in photos.
    Thank you so much for sharing your visit there.

  3. A special day just for Christmas Kits!!! be still my beating heart!

  4. If I ever hit the lottery I'm going there!!!

  5. I love the home for christmas one too, and the stockings one, wish I could get to a quilt store and see what they have.


  6. OMG, OMG, I'm hyperventilating - everything is wonderful. I'm so glad you're sharing your day with us. More, more, more, please and thank you.

  7. I can hardly wait till tomorrow. Wish I lived close enough to see the shop in person.Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  8. How can you help but NOT love that shop! I've been viewing all the photos and drooling! I love that snowman number too with the little snowflakes!!! Too dang cute!!! Go back and get that!!!!! RUN!!!!

  9. Gosh, Paulette, the entire front of my blouse is soaking wet with drool for the second day in a row. I can't believe the things in this shop. I mean, really, can it get any better?! I'm game for a third day!! Bring it on!

  10. you, my dear, are like a 'quilt shopper on 'crack'...so funny..so many quilts to do and so little time!!..have fun shopping!!!..just buy them all!!

  11. Wow- and you have more!! These are gorgeous and I would like one of each!! Yes, I'm up for more!!!:)