Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet P to the Rescue!!

After going to Joann’s on Saturday I thought I would pop into the local Quilt Shop here in Palm Desert…It’s a relatively new shop called Quilter’s Faire.  Last year I was thrilled when they started selling Civil War cottons…and I have been dreaming about those fabrics ever since!

P1160019So into Quilter’s Faire I marched…WHAT?  NO Civil War Fabric ANYWHERE!! 

No…not here!!


This is where it was last year….  (sorry this shot is a little blurry…my hand was starting to shake….)


Not around the corner….


So I asked… and you guessed it…there wasn’t any interest in Civil War Fabric so they were getting rid of it!!  WHAT??? No interest in CIVIL WAR!!

The Sales Lady was just cutting up the left overs into Civil War Bundles…


…so I did what any Civil War lover would do…I rescued a BUNDLE!!  It was like rescuing a puppy at the Dog Shelter…it was my MORAL obligation to do it!! 

Who wouldn’t love this little puppy?P1160030P1160031

In fact I might just go back and rescue another little puppy…I mean bundle! It’s the least I can do…don’t you think?

Speaking of RESCUING…

                      GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

Is there ANYONE out there who would like to rescue a GO! Baby?  What a silly question!!  Of course there are tons of you who would like to nab a GO!!  Well if you GO! to Jackie’s Art Quilts there are TWO Baby GO!s to win!!   It just might be YOUR lucky day!!  GOOD LUCK!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. it was your moral obligation to do some rescuing!..good for you! the colours!!..and so the loading of the trailer begins!

  2. ....and the puppy you saved won't piddle on the carpet! Good choice.

  3. One of our local shops does not sell Civil War fabrics and I never shop there because the style of fabrics sold is never anything I want. Maybe the shop did not promote them with patterns and samples.

  4. Good thing you were there for such a brave rescue! LOL!

  5. I think that is a common problem with CW fabrics in sunny states. I live in Florida, and most of our Quilt shops do not carry CW or Thimbleberries or any kind of warm colored fabrics. They all have the bright colors and novelty fabrics. It's really hard to find around here, and very disappointing.

  6. Thanks for posting about my giveaway!!!

  7. I knew you had a big heart! I see many rescues in your future!

  8. How could you not rescue that puppy, I mean bundle. And I think you should go back right away and rescue another one. All those lovely reds. It is a shame to look forward to purchasing those Civil War fabrics and then be disappointed, but I'm sure you will find other shops that carry them. I just don't understand why all those bright fabrics and prints are so popular. Thanks for the tip regarding the GO! Baby giveaways.

  9. What a sweet rescue! The fabric will love you forever!! I loved reading about your experience at Joann's. We have one about 25 miles from me, but I rarely go there. I need to check out their coupons and maybe I'll go back!

  10. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!!!!! I would have bought lots.

  11. I'm so glad to see you did your duty! I do think that little bundle might get lonely though, so you ought to go and rescue another one or two to keep it company.

  12. shop is in Temecula, CA-They have CW fabric as well as another quilt shop in down town Temecula. I live in Torrance and don't get out there very often but did see LOTS at both places.

  13. Thank you so much for the heads up on this shop. I spent a month in the desert in Sept. and missed this jewel. You can bet I won't when I am down again. The weather looks terrific.