Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas at the Loft…the Grand Finale!

I’ve heard reports of heavy drooling happening in Blogland lately!!  Don your bibs.. we have one more day of touring at the Country Loft in LaMesa, CA.

When Kathy said that I could take pictures at the Country Loft Quilt Shop I hope she didn’t mind that I took so many!  There was just SO much eye candy that it was hard to pick and choose…!

As I said, the Country Loft is jam packed with Raggedy Andies and Raggedy Annes….  Let me show you just a few of them…



Cute hey!


On every shelf…in every little cubby…there they are!P1160165

This little Santa Wannabe was tucked behind a little display!


And of course there was a magnificent real Santa..totally hand crafted!


OK…now let’s get back to the quilts!  Here we have more Cheri Payne originals!!  Just lovely!  She does such a wonderful job of antiquing them.  Enlarge the picture to see the mottled effect.


And some more…


If you follow Cheri’s Blog then you will recognize this little Santa Quilt!!  She just designed and stitched him up and he is STUNNING!!  Totally wonderful!!  I HAD to buy the pattern to this one!!


Sweet little needle keepers designed by JAM  were all kitted up ready to go!


This quilt was hanging from a cupboard was made out of that REALLY soft flannel in charm pack sized squares…with vines of pussy willows (done in wool) stitched all around.  So simple, so soft, so elegant, so stunning! 


A dang cute kitted up Pin Cushion designed by Kathy Cardiff.


I took this picture for Claire…this little number is on her ‘to-do list’…VERY SWEET!!  Claire you HAVE to make it!!


There are also wonderful Wool Crazy Projects by JAM throughout the shop…this one is framed…just look at those stiches!  Lovely!!


And Crazy pillows, boxes and mats…


Is this not a keeper…LOVE IT!!


And just look at this wonderful round table mat!!  These are all from JoAnn’s second book.


Little kits of wool ornaments…


We are now moving up to the till…I spotted the snowman and the Andy mat on the wall… SEE…it’s made of wool and it’s inside the smaller round container…it was CALLING MY NAME loud and clear…then…


I met JoAnn and her helper and totally forgot to ask…they were both so friendly and posed so nicely that I forgot all about it until I looked at my pictures!!  Oh well…maybe next year!?


So there you have it…THREE days of shopping at the Country Loft!  And all because there was a little pitter patter of rain on the roof of our 5th wheel.   So did we escape the bad weather?

Afraid not…


This is what the Freeway looked like on the way home…OUCH!!  But the good news is it was nice and dry back home…who knew!  Winking smile

Have a woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS.  Remember the  Country Loft  has an on-line shop…(just sayin’..) You might want to go and take a look around…Christmas IS coming and you have been a good little quilter!!  Click Country Loft Website …you might just want to place an order.  If you can’t see it listed then give them a shout out!!  I’m sure they would be happy to help!


  1. Lots and lots of drooling going on here. I really enjoyed going shopping with you; thank you for taking me along. :-)

    I'd love to pull out my cc, call them, open up your blog and just shop. LOL

  2. Oh I am so jealous, I need a prim store fix.


  3. So much fun shopping with your Paulette! I never get to visit such wonderful stores in person, so I'm glad you get to!

  4. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Every time I look at your photos, I see something I missed the first time. I'll be drooling for the next few weeks. Thanks so much for introducing us to this wonderful shop and taking the best pictures. It was a very inspiring trip.

  5. I loved "our" shopping trip and will go back there anytime with you. The pussy willow wall hanging brought back childhood memories so thanks for that too!

  6. Totally fabulous!!! Thanks for the pictures!

  7. I did go to the website, LOVE those dolls!!! Am going to have to try them. I just KNOW i could do that!!

  8. Your blog is dangerous to my bank account. I called to order and JoAnn answered. She knew ALL about you and your blog posts! Thanks for the fun trip. Can't wait to see what shop you hit up next.

  9. Thank you Paulette for the Grand Tour. I have not been there in a while and now I have to go for a visit soon! So glad they let you take pix to share with us!

  10. great final post of your 'tour'!!..hope the sun is shining once again!!

  11. Ooooo/Aaaaaaa. Thanks for letting me follow you around this fabulous store!

  12. What an amazing's a wonder my keyboard didn't short out...all the drooling going on here. Thanks so much for the trip to Country Loft.