Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Mark Your Wool..

How to mark your wool for lettering has always been a problem for me…this time was a bit easier because I was marking light coloured wool.  I put the project over my plastic sewing bed extension, with the layout pattern underneath the wool, I put a light under the whole thing and I was able to just see the printing!!  Eureka! 

Now what pen to use?  I tried a graphite pen but found the line to be too thick and smudgy.  The rest of the pens wouldn’t leave a line at all because of the fuzzy felt of the wool…so I pulled out the Pilot Frixion Pen…the one where you remove the ink with the tap of a an iron!  LOVE THIS PEN!!  I know!  I know…the ink comes back when you freeze your project but REALLY how cold does your house get?  Besides with the tap of an iron it’s gone again.


{Seriously, this pen has become my number one marking pen…have used it in all my hand quilted projects and embroidery projects and have had no problems with it.  I wish I could say the same thing with the water soluble pens…you know the ones where you spritz the ink lines and the ink disappears…NOT!  If you want to try the Pilot Pens get them at Staples…they are WAY cheaper- you will get three or four pens for the price that they are selling them at the Quilt Shops! Hey…we all like a deal!)}


So here it is marked….I don’t know how well the ink shows up what with the flash from the camera…but it is marked well enough to stitch!


There you have it!  I used a red wool thread that I bought at the Yarn Shop..I really like the effect!



So now I need to stitch the face and the top window…before I make the pillow…or mat…or wall hanging??  Pillow…or mat…wall hanging?  Decisions, decisions…


Before I go…I need to show you some of our hiking pictures~ We hiked up the mountain at the end of Gene Autry Trail…the views were spectacular!!  I could see EVERY MALL that we girls are going to hit on Black Friday!


Just look at the Jacinto and Gorgonio mountain ranges reaching up towards the clear blue sky!  And not a body of water in sight!  So different from home.

And there’s Westfield MALL…and Marshalls…and Macy’s….and Kohl’s!!  Yup I like this kind of hiking!


This plane felt so low that I’m sure if I had been standing on this rock pile that I would have touched it…


Excuse the baggy clothes…I went to Yoga before we went hiking and didn’t change…I thought the wild life wouldn’t mind!


We actually did see a few lizards and a rabbit…but nothing that slithers…THANK GOODNESS!!  I' was told that they are all hibernating…yeah right!  I just KNOW that “they” are out there…WAITING!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. your latest project is so cute!!.. I vote for a pillow!!..that is if we get a vote on what you should do with it!!..nice views from the top of the mountain..I see the little 'scoundrel' is at the top with you!..working off her 'steak'!!

  2. I wish I had time to go to the quilted crow, would love to have that and some other patterns for christmas, but will have to wait till next year. Beautiful place to hike, hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.


  3. What color pen did you use?? I heard that only the Green was good for quilting ??!!!?

  4. lovely work..pillow works for me too... lol. hiking pics are very nice. For marking quilts; I use the air soluable markers(purple) you can't mark too far ahead, but they fade out on their own. No worries on marking too dark. Works great for me.

  5. Great Christmas wall hanging/pillow Paulette. And thanks for the tip on the pens - I just ordered some.

  6. Paulette, you are such a tease! Do you know how close I am to going out and buying wool? And I don't do wool. But you've made me want to try this after seeing all the wonderful projects in wool that you have done! So...AC (After Christmas)I may have to go to a used clothing store and buy some old wool clothes, wash them and put them in the dryer (is this what a person does when there is no woolen store around?), and get creative! Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. Have a ball at the malls! You're a brave woman. Love your hiking shots - how awesome retirement, quilting, hiking, shopping. Ahhhhh. Your wool block is so cute...are you going to bling the tree with some beads? After you first posted about the Frixion pens, I've been using them all the time, thanks!

  8. I love your wool project Paulette! We are getting a wonderful snow storm here and it feels like Christmas :)

  9. I made HH read your blog today so he could see how wonderful it will be when we get our 5th wheel!!!

    I just think that project is the sweetest!

  10. Great view and cute little project, you do keep busy. :^)