Saturday, November 26, 2011


Black Friday was AWESOME!!  It more than exceeded our expectations!! We had a blast, picked up some fabulous bargooons and arrived home tired but happy with a lot lighter wallets!


When I picked up Kim and Karen, my partners in crime, it was still dark…but by the time we arrived at our FIRST STOP, JoAnn’s Fabrics, it was light out..and sunny…promising to a gorgeous day…not that we cared!! haha

Here we are…the Happy (Giddy) Canadians in search of a bargooon or two or three!!  See our buggies (mine has the big red box on top)!!  EUREKA!!  MOTHER LODE!  We had an hours wait to have fabric cut but we really didn’t care…we were having way too much fun!P1160294

There were some SERIOUS sewers in the line-up!!


Kim was fondling Karen’s fabric…Karen was getting a little worried!


Then it was off to Kohl’s where Kim was the big winner…followed closely by Karen!  I brought up the rear…but man what a rear it was!!  Kim, being a first time grandma, bought a TON of Oshkosh baby clothes that Kohls was practically GIVING AWAY!  That is going to one well dressed little man!

We fuelled up on bananas and water in the truck while we drove onto Westfield Mall…where we hit Macy’s next!  Macy’s got a failing grade from the Canadians…sorry but 20% OFF does not cut it!

Kim and Karen spotted a Nails Spa advertising Pedicures for $14 so I dropped them off there (sheesh…not TRUE shoppers in my books…but then I’m an experienced Boxing Day Saler!:-)  SO I headed for JC Penny!!  MOTHER LODE!!  The whole store was 60% off, with further reductions at the till!!  (Insert a HAPPY DANCE here!!) I bought two REALLY cute tops (reg. $48 for $12!!) and a  dress for my daughter (which she will probably hate…but I do try (to my daughters’ dismay!)

I DRAGGED myself out of JC Penny’s to pick up the TWO Bailers to find not only did they have gorgeous toes but they also had manicures and massages….  BUT I still came away the winner…I spent less and got MORE!!  Mind you my hands could use major work….(I thought I took a picture of the girls having their nails done…but guess not…I must have been hallucinating by this time…)


Yup…we did have FUN!


Karen and her loot!!  Her husband, Ken…doesn’t want to look!!  Breath deep, Ken…breath deep!


Now Kim says she’s NOT a shopper but I’m telling you she was down right GIDDY at Kohls!! 


And ME…yup…I had fun!!  Sorry pups…it’s all for mama!!


Oh…and I have to tell you…we weren’t shot at, robbed or pepper sprayed once!!  Would we do Black Friday again?  In a heart beat!

Have a SUNNY Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. LOL...I had to smile when I saw 3 sewing totes in your back seat! That's the only thing I was considering this year at Joann's. However, Walmart had one for $25 with zippered compartments, so I sent hubby to search for that one instead. It's solid black too...and since I didn't know what prints they had at Joann's, I felt it was a safe buy. =)

    I"m so glad you had a blast! I went to Joann's last year and it really was fun! It was hard not to go this year, but my wallet was light in advance, so I had to keep away from the temptation. =)

  2. nice post!! went to Joann's here this morning at 7:30--great bargains, small crowd! :-)

  3. Three giddy shoppers having tons of fun - bliss! :-)

  4. yes, what was in the red box!???..sounds like you gals had a great day!!..crazy but great!!

  5. What a lot of fun you and your friends must have had, but nothing beats a good sale, especially not a manicure or pedicure. Now you get to spend the day playing with everything. And I'm so glad to hear you didn't run into any trouble this year.

  6. Yes.... what was in the red box.....loved the totes. It looked like you guys had fun.

  7. I'm so happy you had a great time!! I love to get out in it!! I have to admit, my best score was at Hancock Fabric!!

  8. I am so Jealous..!!! no black Friday sales at any sewing stores around New Brunswick!! I am going to Maine on December 5th. I hope there are some coupons for Joanne's available then...

  9. You definitely had a great time! Hitting the mother lode might be an understatement.

    I bought several scissors at JoAnns for 50-60% off. Found a blanket 50% off at Macys. Didn't get anything at Kohls. And was too tired to make the journey to JC Pennys, but now I wish I had.

    Oh, how I love good sales. The only thing better would be if we could have gone shopping together.


  10. I hit JoAnns today with my 25% of total purchase coupon this morning. We did pretty good!

  11. What a lot of fun..I would not be able to handle the crowds, but you did well...and got home safe!
    Julia ♥

  12. Looks like you all got lucky on your Black Friday Shopping
    And to think I stayed home :*(

  13. What's in the red box, inquiring minds want to know, lol! Glad you had a successful day and that you didn't get shot or pepper sprayed. I haven't done this in I prefer to stay home and be a slug, feasting on leftovers, lol!

  14. Oh, that kind of shopping, haha.
    No way, no how, am I going to regular stores this weekend. So, we went to the folk art quilt store instead;)


  15. I went to JoAnns today and had almost no wait. They said it was a 4 hr line yesterday. I am usually there in Fridays, but I have a whole new respect for Saturday now! :-) And yes my wallet is lighter too...

  16. Somehow, I think Black Friday shopping goes better if you don't have anything too specific in mind, that way you're not too disappointed if you don't get "that" item. Glad you girls had fun. I stayed home on Black Friday and enjoyed my grandson who came home with us after Thanksgiving dinner.

  17. I'm exhausted just reading the post! I can't imagine keeping up! lol

  18. Looks like loads of fun! What's in the big red box? LOL :-)

  19. I am loving reading about your adventures. How could you not take check out some of the bargains on offer! Its fun going with like minded shoppers. Trust me its no fun when you are with someone who is always questioning why you are buying something. That happened to me once at a quilt show. I have never done it again. I hope you are fun playing with your purchases.

  20. Wow it looks like you had fun and found loads of bargains. Did you leave any for other people to buy?

  21. Sounds like you all had a great time!! I too hit my Jo-Ann's (which doesn't look near as big as the one you hit:) and found some great deals! I would definitely not like being the one cutting alllllll that fabric- can you imagine how their hands must have felt at the end of the day!!
    Glad you had a fun time!!:)

  22. Congratulations on your haul! Are you glad you left earlier than 8am? Looks like the trip was well worth it.

  23. Wow! What a fun day with your partners in crime. Looks like you are an expert shopper. I went to JoAnns too and snagged a gift for my daughter.