Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Clubhouse Quilters…

…met for the first time this RVing Season so it was a small group…only FOUR…but we still had fun!  In fact it was kind of nice to gradually get in the groove…get caught up with the girls and yet sew to our hearts delight!

There was Anne…she is behind this beauty!  Her daughter made this quilt top then passed it on to mama to be quilted…


Can you see how Anne quilted it?  Leaves and loops…meandering all over the quilt!  Anne did a gorgeous job…finished it up and will drop it in the mail today!  Her daughter will be thrilled!


And then it was onto Anne’s next project..a turtle wall hanging…Stay tuned as Anne tends to whip up her projects in a matter of days!


Here Gwen is starting a new project…can’t wait to see what this baby is going to look like!  Gwen has been coming to The Sands for years and years and owns a park model.


As you can see Gwen is using batiks too…fabric that she bought in Canada when she was holidaying there this summer!  Now that’s a first ~ fabric is so expensive in Canada but apparently she hit a good sale!  Got to love that!


And this is Karen…also from BC, Canada!  Such a nice addition to our happy group!!  She discover the Accuquilt GO! cutter and is hooked!!  She was cranking out 2 1/2” strips left, right and centre to make a quilt for her Grand-daughter.


This is her work table…see the colours…blues and greens and purple…her grand-daughter’s favourite colours!


So the group may have been small but we got a lot done…and had a nice gab in between the whirring of machines! 

As we were telling Karen, our numbers will slowly grow as more and more RVing quilters make the trek down south.  Last year we had up to 18 quilters!  But for now our small group was lovely…we had fun!  We look forward to seeing our other friends.. Judy and Judy, Chris and Kim, Penny and Alice, Roxanne and Suzanne, Doris and Vesta…to name just a few!  Safe travels ladies….

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It is so nice that you have a group of quilting ladies, I would love to be able to quilt with others and maybe get some help in finishing the harder projects.


  2. Am jealous of the lovely and huge space you have to quilt in
    Ann from Sooke

  3. Can't wait... can't wait... can't wait! LOVE that leaf hanging!

  4. Lovely small group of ladies with lovely projects. It'll be exciting when the others arrive, as well.

  5. Ohhhhhhhh sounds like you ladies are having a wonderful time there....I want to

  6. Oh I would love to be able to swoop in and join you all for a day - it looks like you all had great fun! I was using my Go! today to cut 2.5" strips as well LOL! Gotta love that cutter. Oh, and yes we Canadian's DO pay a lot for fabric unfortunately :-(

  7. Paulette, I am thrilled for you that your ladies are returning to the fold ...what a wonderful space you have to sew in...and what fun you must have had! Will look for photos of the finished projects!

  8. Hi Paulette, does Vesta have any ties to South Bend, IN? Such an unusual name, my dear friend was friends with a Vesta that wintered in CA?

  9. For this reason alone, I wanted to come back to the Sands, but I got outvoted - we will be in Cathedral City this year. I will come by for a visit on a Wednesday morning to say hello. Nice to see Anne is still as productive as ever. Say hello to everyone for me and see you in January.

  10. looks like this first Wednesday was a great success!!!

  11. Well, you know what they say? Small is beautiful, and I guess this applies to groups of people just as much as to one.

  12. I can't wait till someday I am pulling a 5th wheel into a spot...jump out running to set up my sewing machine...ahhhh