Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrifting Thursday….

Well it’s back to ‘normal’ around here…Claire and Glynis are back home…and I’m sure they are busy playing with their newly acquired loot!  There are lots of good memories of their trip dancing around in this old head!  Such a good time, with tons of laughter sprinkled throughout!  There is NOTHING like shared time with quilty gal friends!

As for here at our park…whenever I get a spare minute I have been working on the Primitive Gathering’s Old St. Nick Quilt…man, she is one BIG mothering quilt! Who knew?! 


The borders are done and pinned together…but Sandy and I made plans and are off on one of our adventures today…so no time for sewing!

And in the evenings I am trying to get the binding on my tumbler UFO before the end of the month!  I have two days left to get ‘er done but those wee miters around the tumblers are slowing me down considerably!


Thanks to the tutorial over at Jaybird’s Blog, these pesky 120 degree miter corners are a breeze!


Two days to go…can I get ‘em done?  Maybe I need to burn the midnight oil?  Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen…I can’t seem to make it past 9pm!  What’s with that?! :o}}}

Have a thrilling Thrifting Thursday (yup…that’s what Sandy and I will be doing!) and Happy Stitching!~ P


  1. Hope you have an awesome day!! The tumbler quilt is one of my favorite quilts. It's looks good.

  2. Hope you have an awesome day!! The tumbler quilt is one of my favorite quilts. It's looks good.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures from the last few days! What fun you have had! Sounds like the fun will keep on going.
    I will be a little late with my houses. I will wait to do them when you have time to do a little tute on your roof. Please don't hurry! I will have time to catch up later. You have a wonderful day with Sandy.

  4. how can it be that I have never seen or heard of the St, Nick Quilt??? I think in some ways you must be a sister from another mother...I also am working on a tumbler quilt...although mine is still in stack form, lol

  5. Those are both beautiful quilts and your binding looks wonderful. I like to bind, but sometimes the corners make me nuts when they don't sit right.


  6. It looks like you're going to make it! Very lovely quilts.:)

  7. Oh man, Paulette, I am going to love that Old St. Nick quilt!

  8. Well, the "live edge" may be slow to do, but it is so worth it. Those tumblers look so good!