Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year’s Day…

Nothing like starting the year off right….

A hike in the morning at Oasis Cove Park in LaQuinta…beautiful!


Can you see the skiff of SNOW on the distant mountains?  Our temps have cooled quite a bit but by the end of the day it was magnificent!


And after lunch, this is where I was…sitting in the sunshine…with my Jan!

Making half square triangles…sandwiching together a dark and a red square…and using the Stitching Lines…


I stitched  on either side of the middle line…no drawing lines!  I LOVE these papers!  FAST and EASY!  Check out the video HERE…(and one package lasts forever…)


Cut them down the middle…


Ripping off the paper takes only minutes…


And a quick pressing to the dark side…IMG_3049

Voila…pretty HST…a whack of the them!!


And a good start on the borders to go around Old St. Nick!


A perfect way to start 2015…


Hope you had a great start to 2015 too!!  Wishing you all the best!~P


  1. Gracious, I just might try another quilt with triangles looking at those easy to use papers! I swore off triangles a long time ago!

  2. I love all your stripes and plaids. Thanks for showing my Stitching Lines again. You're the best!

  3. Gorgeous pictures Paulette,

    The view of the mountains agains the desert is alway awe inspiring.

    Great start to the creative year with all those triangles.

    It has turned grey and rainy despite just being above freezing today. Enjoy the warmth of the sun.

  4. These are new to me--I use triangle paper and it makes a huge difference in the accuracy of the HST

  5. What a great way to spend the day, hiking and fresh air and working on a beautiful quilt, can't ask for more.


  6. Old St Nick will be so happy! Love all the stripes and plaids too. Oh for some warmth......right now I am staying inside and only leaving the house for necessities. Working on quilts and watching netflix is my idea of fun.

  7. I love red and that a Red Wagon pattern? Happy New Year by the way! XO

  8. What a view. Not what I imagined where you are at.

  9. WOW!! I've never seen those little papers for 1/2 sq tri's! Will definitely have to try those as they look like a super shortcut to making the little buggers.

  10. Fantastic views and a great way to zip through those triangles. Happy New Year!

  11. not come across these strips before . A beautiful view you have shared with us today

  12. The views are spectacular and the Stitching Lines papers are a brilliant idea!

  13. Nice little sewing station you have set up there! Great view too! Just ordered a pack of those stitching lines to give them a try... seems like they would be such a time saver!

  14. That is an inspiring view to take a walk with! Geesh, that is a slick way to make half square triangles. Love that quilt, can't wait to see it seen together.

  15. I love the idea of these papers! I dispose stitching blocks like this on the machine"..just a personal problem I have! These might make things very easy. I have a stack of these I need to make for 2 years now...maybe this will help!

  16. WOW this is new to me. Love your project, do you still need to square up the HST's after the paper is ripped off?