Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prepped and Ready to ROLL…

Normally when I prep a wool applique project I get my bins of wool out and then agonize over what colour and texture of wool to use…WELL, that sure didn’t happen this time!  I didn’t have bins of wool…I had ‘leftovers’ from another project at my disposal and that was it!  It was actually kind of freeing….


And the trees turned out just fine!  This is Norma Whaley’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ and it is big…a lot bigger than I thought it would be!  These panels are long… I would give you the dimensions but that would mean digging in totes and bags…ouch!  Not going to happen this morning…


I thankfully had two pieces of white/beige wool for the birds and  just managed to squeak them out…




While I was at it, I cut out the sweetest angel…Norma’s designs are a pleasure to work with!  So dang cute!!


For the ‘Winter Wonderland Stitch A Long’ on Facebook, our homework is to have the two trees stitched in the month of January so I better get cracking!  The angel is going to be left until February.


This is going to be one gorgeous quilt when done!  Any Norma Whaley pattern results in a gorgeous quilt…guaranteed!  Have you checked out her patterns lately!  I swear, this woman does not sleep!  She keeps cranking them out, one after the other!  You REALLY need to go and check out her PATTERNS…and then you need to follow HER BLOG, Timeless Traditions…such fun to see these new patterns take shape!  She is SEW creative that it boggles the mind!

Well, no playtime for me this morning…it’s laundry day! UGH!  I am just waiting for the sun to come up so that I can venture forth!  Laundromat here I come!  Did I say “UGH”….?

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Great job! It is huge and that is one reason I decided not to make it. It is going to be a wonderful quilt, though.

  2. It's going to be fun watching this quilt grow! I too love Norma's designs -- I've made a couple and have several on my bucket list--she is amazing!

  3. You have a lot of left overs with you as the pieces you have used work very well with the designs.

  4. This is a lovely design and yours looks fabulous. I feel your pain, laundromat...ugh is right. I spent many years going there. Don't miss it.

  5. Wow Paulette! Your green trees are stunning and the angel block is so sweet, love the wool.
    I'm prepping my blocks too but have decided to machine blanket stitch the pieces as I have so many other projects on the go.
    I love Norma's patterns too!

  6. Laundry day? When is it now, lol. That is going to be a fun quilt to do. I have the ones with stockings and trees on the side, I will definitely be making that one.


  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun with your trees, birds, and angel. Probably more fun than you will have doing laundry!

  8. I agree that sometimes having a limited stash can be refreshing and eliminates the thought there is only one perfect fabric. Love what you're working on. Going to a laundrymat could be a drag.

  9. Your trees look wondeful! Love the angel to!

  10. Great start! I love Norma's design. I want to make all of them!

  11. I just returned from Quilt St. George where I took a wool applique class from Norma. She is as sweet as her quilts are. We got to see a sneak peek of a quilt pattern that she is working on. Very charming. I too want to make them all.