Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015…GOaling for it!

Before I left home this year…or rather last year…I set some monthly goals for myself…which is something that I NEVER do!  I didn’t Blog about it as I didn’t know if they were realistic or even achievable goals…and I hate failure!  AND I didn’t set the goals for the whole year but rather just for the three month period that we would be Snowbirding…I thought if I started small and kept my list handy, VISIBLE and fairly short that I could stay focussed and on task. 

I have to say that it has worked!! As I said, I kept my list short with only FOUR goals…(a fifth goal got added along the way….)

Here’s what I achieved for the Month of January~

1. My first Goal was to paper piece TEN wee HOUSES (4 1/2”) per month…I completed eleven!


2. My second Goal was to prep and hand applique TWO rows of Clam Shells per month…CHECK!  But I have to admit, this was by far the hardest to attain…I don’t know why, it just was!  Maybe because it takes so long to prep the actual clams, plus I needed a large area to glue it together in preparation for hand applique…and I was forced to use the floor…ugh! I’m too old for that!


It is starting to LOOK like a quilt which is exciting!


3. My Third Goal was to complete one UFO…I finished the Winter Solstice Quilt (by Country Threads)…she is machine quilted, big stitched and bound and I LOVE it! 


4. Goal Number 4… Make a Quilt (to be gifted) by the end of March…  Well…I have found the perfect pattern and the fabric has been purchased.  So that’s a start! Rome wasn’t built in a day!  I ended up ordering the same fabric that was in my daughter’s wedding signature quilt.  It’s hard to mess with perfection…and that’s what this fabric is!  It’s called ‘Horizon’ by Kate Spain it is beautiful!  Very West Coasty…light blues and mauves with a splash of green and very fresh and clean looking.  I will team it up with plain white Kona cotton for an even fresher look.


5. Goal Number 5 was added at the beginning of January when I joined the Face Book ‘Winter Wonderland Stitch-A-Long’…it’s OK to have a weak moment and I’m so glad that I did!! :o)…I got this month’s blocks stitched…


…complete with beautiful birds (you can’t tell but it’s mottled wool stitched onto cotton homespun)…


…and I have even prepped the block for February…the sweetest wool angel!  So…Check and check!  This is a Norma Whaley (Timeless Traditions) pattern!  This was a gift from Norma and it was waiting for me when I arrived at The Sands RV Resort…what’s a gal to do…but rush out and buy fabric and wool and fly at it! :o)  It is such a gorgeous pattern…and there WAS this Sew-A-Long….


Not part of the Goals but finished none the less…(I call this the GRAVY!) …I finished the Old St. Nick quilt top which I started in December 2014…hey that was just last month!  This is unheard of!  I know it’s not quilted BUT it will be machine quilted on my mid-arm when I get home!


This is it spread out on the floor of our RV…and it is massive!


I am so happy with it!!

So I am THRILLED with the results of my goal setting…I think it was SEEING the goals written down, in black and white, that kept me focussed, motivated and on task.  My fingers are crossed that all goes according to plans for February!! And I think they will…I have another UFO ready and waiting, I cut more clam shells to be prepped for stitching, the roofs are made for 10 more houses, the wool applique for the Winter Wonderland is ready for stitching…and tomorrow is February FIRST! I say bring it on!!  And let’s hope there’s some GRAVY… lots and lots of gravy!:o)

What about YOU?  Are you GOaling for it in 2015?!

Have a super Saturday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Love your work! Can you please tell me what process you're using for your clamshell quilt.

  2. Awesome Paulette--congratulations!! I got out the rug loom which Michael made for me and started weaving strips of denim I had cut from old jeans. What a BORING project--I'm done, selling the whole thing at a garage sale the park is having!! Back to quilting for me!

  3. You must feel so good, I didn't set goals but I am getting motivated again. I will write down 4 goals.

  4. I have houses that I started a couple of years ago, and really would love to complete the quilt this year. That would be my goal.

  5. Wow, Paulette, look at you go! That border on the Old St. Nick quilt really gives it a lot of drama, and I love the warm colours. And the Winter Solstice looks great. Congratulations!

  6. Wow, girl, you are awesome---and all of those projects are too :)

  7. All I can say is you are over the top.. , love everything..the Santa for sure...

  8. You really put me to shame! Wow I really love all of your projects. I also love the goals! You have inspired me! I will set goals too. I will start out really slow! But I really appreciate you for inspiring me to set a few small goals a month. Thanks so much and have a great Saturday.

  9. Wow I am more and more in love with your little houses... and somewhat jealous! And all your projects are great!

  10. Sweet P, you should join Wool Appliqué on Facebook. Free Ornament Of the Month (OOM). Sew cute and January is almost gone! I know you love wool! I love your little houses, very sweet. 🐝

  11. GFY! (good for you) I need to finish Winter Solstice so I can get all the homespun put up! Lovely projects (as usual).

  12. I wish I could take a page from your book. I'm not good with goals! LOL!! What great progress your making and all your projects are gorgeous. I must say the last one speaks to my soul. I love homespuns and the quilt is fabulous!

  13. Exciting! I really love the Clam shell but it does look like a lot of work. It will be a beauty tho. Always love your woolies and homespuns too. The wee houses are so cute. I really need to set some goals myself.

  14. I think short-term goals really pay off, and writing them down makes them real. You've accomplished so much for the month of January. Those little houses are adorable, and your wool projects are awesome. Imagine how much you will get done in February. Maybe it's the warm California sunshine that gets you going.

  15. January certainly was successful. Great short term goals and fantastic accomplishments. I'm definitely a goal setter. It's a good way to stay focus. Your inclusion of even something new as kind of a reward is also a positive. If I stick with just the old, I feel like I'm missing out of the "fun stuff". Also all you quilting buddies at the RV park must be a good motivation too.

  16. Yikes....I need to stop traveling and living out of a suitcase...get home and stitch!!! I am swooooooning over the clamshells!!

  17. Did you buy ol st nick as a kit? If so...where??? I am sweating here!

  18. Congratulations on keeping and exceeding your goals! Remember February is only 28 days!

    You St. Nick quilt is great. Love the mix of utility and machine quilting on your Winter Soltice quilt also.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Well done! Sometimes it is better not to tell about the goals until afterwards. The houses are so cute, but the Winter Solstice is my favourite, and the new wool project looks very promising.

  20. You did amazing this month! I love all your projects!!!

  21. Well, you are shaming me, lol. I have lots of goals, now if I can just get the gumption. I made the mistake of hitting the folk art quilts, but I got things to go with things I have and want to make, so smart buys;)


  22. You Go Girl!!!
    Congrats on achieving your goals. I just love your Old Saint Nick
    quilt and the clamshells!
    Happy stitching,

  23. I like setting goals too, but very impressed with what you have achieved in such a short time! Love the extra finish, will be even better when quilted.

  24. I love seeing your WInter Solice quilt finished! It's my favorite!! (Next to those adorable little houses!) I'm not goal setting big this least not yet! LOL!!

  25. WHERE'S MY NOTEBOOK!!!!! I NEED A NOTEBOOK! Holy moly, girl, I am astounded at you - and now I'm going to make a list and set some goals! Love that St. Nick quilt!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I've got some Horizon fabrics too and I know just what they are going to become, when I get round to it!