Monday, January 5, 2015

It’s Playtime…

I’ve joined a Winter Wonderland Stitch-A-long on Facebook…it’s a Norma Whaley design and is it ever CUTE!

You have probably seen this quilt or pattern out in blogland as there are tons of us making it! Belonging to a Sew-a-long on FB has been great as you get to see tons of pictures of this quilt using various background fabrics and wools!  I am really enjoying it!


Normally, if I was at home and I would be pulling out my bins of Homespuns and wool…auditioning the PERFECT background colours…but I have to be happy with what I found in my travels…and I AM!! 


Here are my background blues…and I pulled the green wools from my small bag of left overs from the Old St. Nick quilt that I am working on right now…perfect greens for the trees!


And some nice neutrals pieces for the birds….


Yup…now I get to cut and build…my favourite part to the whole process…


This month, in the Winter Wonderland Stitch-Along, we are to complete the two tree panels which should be totally do-able! 

I am so excited…I got word that my new glasses are ready for pick up!  I will (hopefully) get to see again!  The protective coating on my old glasses had fogged over and it was like living in Tofino (town on West Coast of Vancouver Island)…gorgeous but FOGGY…  Not a good feeling!  They are progressive glasses so I need them for stitching, driving, reading…everything!  I have never looked forward to getting new glasses more!  Let’s hope the new ones do the trick!! 8o) 

Have a magical Monday and Happy stitching!~P


  1. That is so cute, how big is it? 10 degrees out here this morn, are YA feelin' it? Hah?

  2. Mmmm, I love working with wool in the winter. These are yummy!

  3. I'm in the stitch along too! I need to get busy since I also joined the Silent Night group too! Yikes....what was I thinking???

  4. I've searched FB several times and can't come up with that stitch along...what is the name of that page?

    1. Finally found it via the Silent Night Stitch-a-Long...apparently Stitch-a-Long has to be entered into the search engine just right!

  5. Looks like a fun sew along. Aren't glasses a pain sometimes. I take mine off to see the computer, on to drive, off to read....and they are trifocals!

  6. I ordered, I joined and then I got the pattern and thought "what the heck am I doing?"! I changed my mind and if you know anyone that would like to purchase my pattern I'm willing to sell it to them for what I payed for it. $12. I'll happily watch you work on it.

  7. Great looking pattern! Love those rich looking wools.:)

  8. I just saw her new blocks and I love them and also the book, a must have;)


  9. Love the navy blues you chose for your backgrounds and your greens are lovely! Have fun with the quilt, look forward to watching your progress.

    Too many other things on my to do list to join. Have fun!

  10. Loved all the fabrics and wool you "just pulled out” for this new project.

  11. A very cute pattern! It looks like you are all set to start. I am sure the new glasses will help!

  12. Looks like a cute quilt, I'll have to chck out the sew alongs

  13. I have the pattern and I am SO tempted. Your wools are perfect.....can't wait to see what you do!

  14. this is going to be fun watching you create this lovely design

  15. Interesting that you have found fabrics on your trip to get started on the project. And you can easily add to it with all the wonderful shops not too far from where you are staying.