Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Claire’s Creations….

The cold and miserable weather has FORCED poor Claire into her sewing room…to create and stitch!  Poor thing!  But let’s not feel too sorry for her…LOOK at what she is creating!

Claire finished off her sweet wool mat and turned it into a gorgeous pillow!


Doesn’t it look wonderful nestled in the greenery!  Claire took the picture just before taking down her tree….


And then she broke out her wool and prepped the first block to Cheri Payne’s ‘Country Seasons’!  This is my favourite block to this quilt…the old fashion girls are skating and playing in the snow!


Here’s the skater…


Very sweet…

IMGP1925 (1)

Every year Claire’s son makes her a birdhouse for Christmas….Such a wonderful tradition!


WOW!!  I love this one!  Andrew outdid himself…love the addition of the  stars and twigs! I can’t believe that Andrew graduates this year and will be off to University soon… but no empty nest here…just a row of lovely birdhouses!  The University is just down the road from them…a short drive or even bike ride…so it’s all good!!  Lucky Claire!

So it’s Tuesday…a TERRIFIC Tuesday…the sun is coming up and the sky is brilliant blue.  Wonder what trouble I can get into today?

Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Are you on Facebook, Wool appliqué group? If not, you should join. Lovely wool candy with 0 calories. Monthly free ornament pattern that just started. This might be the trouble you get into today.

  2. OMG there is more Claire genes out there!!! I wish she were my next door neighbor.

  3. Our weather changed from cold and clear to dull and rainy. Claire is right perfect stitching weather.

    Gorgeous work Claire, thanks for sharing it Paulette.

  4. Do you know the name of the pattern for the sweet wool mat? I collect sheep and would love to make one. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

  5. That really came out beautifully and I do love Cheri's pattern too.


  6. I forgot to say how much I love the sheep pulling the sleigh in wool. It is very sweet

  7. Love your blog !! It's so fun to read about your adventures !! Can not wait till your trip, however to The Country Loft, !! I went there this fall and you're well known there, so be sure to visit soon !!

  8. lovely wool applique beautifullydone

  9. The skater is my favorite block from the quilt too. I made that one first.

  10. Are you going to the Pam Buda event at Country loft? She was at Primitives of the Midwest, so nice..