Friday, January 23, 2015

Pack YOUR bags…

…because you are ALL going to the Primitive Gathering CALIFORNIA Quilt Shop’s GRAND opening!!  On Monday, February 2nd, Lisa and her son will be opening the doors ~


Here’s your invitation…See you there…bright and early!  Be there or be square! ;o))  Man….I sure hope that I get to take pictures!

Keep reading to see what happening in the Wool Lady’s Shop…


  1. I've bren following Lisa's blog about the new shop. How lucky of you to be there for the opening! Enjoy fondling the wool!

  2. How exciting for you. Hope we get to see pictures !

  3. I wish I could go with you, will be so much fun and I know you will take lots of photos for us;)


  4. Paulette thanks for posting this...but it will Not be our grand opening...we will have that a little later on after we open and the shop is where we want it....this will be a soft opening...