Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clubhouse Chatter…

We may have been few in numbers (a lot of quilters flew home for Christmas or met up with family elsewhere…like Disneyland!) but that doesn’t mean the Sands’ Clubhouse wasn’t humming with chatter and machines!

Check out some of the works in progress….

Doris has been knitting like crazy!!  Yes, these wee caps will be donated to hospitals for Preemies!  Each one is as different and unique as the babies themselves!IMG_2928

Doris’ hand work is gorgeous!  These will become keepsakes for sure!


Kim made these wee wool wall-hanging up from kits…adorable!


Doris is also the queen of handbags…she can whip up a bag faster than anyone I know and they are ALWAYS beautifully done, with multiple pockets and tabs…a work of art!


Tie tabs and a magnet for a closure!  Lovely!


Kim was working on her Dresden Plate quilt!  Magnificent with her Kaffe Fassett prints!  Her Dresden plates are finished and now she is machine appliqueing a leafy border…stay tuned for the grand finale!


Kim’s hand work is finished too…and she is all set for gift giving NEXT Christmas!  These are Bird Brain Stitcheries…only instead of making a wall hanging or quilt, Kim sandwiched them with poly batting (for extra poof) and is now machine quilting them…Notice the little blue ribbon at the top, turning them into little hanging decorations!  Very clever!


More in progress….


All quilters NEED a hand stitching project for the RV…this is Kim’s next project for Easter!  Cute…eh!


Lindsay finished her quilt top and let me tell you, it is STUNNING!  She knew as soon as she found this kit that it would make the perfect gift for her daughter.  Her daughter moved to foreign lands…and mama wants her to remember HOME!!


What better way to bring the Canadian forests to her daughter and all the activities that she loves…like canoeing, hiking, camping…and wrestling bears!


Our goal as mothers, is to make our children as homesick as possible…we WANT them to miss us like crazy…and I think Lindsay’s quilt will achieved that!!  Well done, Lindsay!:o)))


I hope everyone is out of the ‘deep freeze’ by now…and NO, I’m not talking about the freezer…looking for the last of the butter tarts and shortbread!  (and yes, I have already DONE THIS! haha)  I’m actually talking about OUTSIDE! I know it has warmed up nicely here and promises to be another gorgeous day!  I say BRING IT ON!  I need to wear off the butter tarts and shortbread!  Yowzers!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I sure hope your warm weather is headed this way! I love that bag!!

  2. Our friend just had a baby and our hospital gives all thenewborns a stitching cap like these and I just had to let you guys know how cherished this gift is!! Not everyone has a crafty family and these guys just cherish this gift!

  3. The snowman stitcheries are cute and I like the way they are quilted. The bunny stitchery will be very cute!

    I used to knit hats for tiny babies that came too soon and did not make it. None so grand as those you show. I knitted the hats and crocheted a tiny blanket in the same yarn. They were used as part of the hospital's grievance program.

  4. Those hats for the preemies are so adorable and hospitals just love them. My friend does it by themes, her Thanksgiving hats were adorable, she is working on Valentine theme at the moment, she crochets thems. Love all the projects.

  5. Trying again, cup of coffee in hand.:-) I loved the bag. Loved the fabrics in it too! Those little snowmen are wonderful. Like that she is making just individual ones. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. The girls really make a lot of wonderful things, fun projects and the hats are so cute.


  7. Be still my heart! What gorgeous eye candy....and what a great idea to work on NEXT Christmas NOW instead of waiting until the last minute. : )))

  8. Such fun! Those premie caps are adorable. The Dresden quilt is gorgeous. I love the snowman stitcheries and the Canada quilt... you girls are so full of talent.

  9. Thanks for the eye candy. Our winter freeze is moving in as I type. We are going to drop 50 degrees over the next few days with snow and ice included. I will huddle in my sewing room and enjoy my gas furnace.

  10. Not sure my comment got through but I was wondering what pattern Lindsay used for her outdoor quilt. I bought the outdoor fabric at a quilt shop on Friday. Would love to use the pattern. Thanks. Send some of your warm weather here Paulette! We currently have 23F with freezing rain in Lynden, WA. Ack1

  11. Wow, some fun and beautiful things there, such talent in a room full of people.

  12. Cant believe it's that time of the year already and your parked in your sunny spot. We are in the deep freeze and I sure would like some of that warmth of yours :). I will have to settle for a trip in March to the tropics - I hope I can make it that long lol. thanks for the show and tell - always inspiring. Hugs - karen

  13. a lovely selection of beautiful makes here, so good to have this group for getting inspiration and friendship etc

  14. Your quilting and sewing is absolutely stunning. I love the bird brain snowmen and your new pattern as well. Just beautiful. I wonder how much for the pattern if you're willing to pass it on? I would love to make those😺