Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Country Loft 2015

Oh man… where do I start with this shop?  I tell you… I hyperventilate just looking at this sign!

And FYI…the people here in this picture are like the quilts…they look WAY better in real life! haha


OK…let’s get the show on the road…and of course I HAVE to start with Kathy Cardiff and her daughter, Taylor Olivera’s Barn Quilt!  It’s called ‘Where the Cows Come Home’ and it is magnificent!  (I have been slowly collecting the wools and background fabrics for this one because I want to start it in the Spring!)


I need to show you some up-close-and-personal pictures so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of this quilt…


Yup…I am loving this quilt!!


This is a Norma Whaley quilt and seeing it made up was a highlight for me!  Loved every inch of this beauty!


Check out  Kathy Schmitz’s newest BOM and it too is wonderful!  Oh, man…so many beautiful quilts…so little time!


I have this pattern waiting for me at home…and am I ever glad!!  Loved it!


This one is also WAITING for me and this year it is CALLING my name…  “FINISH ME!!”  2015 might just be the year!!  ;o)


A Cheri Payne design!  She just lives down the road from the Loft!


New to the Country Loft are all the displays of kitchenware and bath products tucked here and there…


And of course I HAD to go out to the Antique Shed!!  My hubby will be happy that nothing followed me home this year…


…especially THIS glass house!  It was calling my name…LOUDLY!


Seeing this crow mat made up REALLY stopped me in my tracks.  It’s in the Primitive Quilts Magazine and I have been lusting over it ever since!


I remember seeing this one on Cheri Payne Blog…and let me tell you WE ALL LOVED IT!!!  What a treat it is to see these works of ART up close and personal!!  WOW!


Sweet pincushions for every season!


Another Cheri Payne original!!  Such a talented lady!



No you are not losing your sight…but I refuse to NOT put this beauty in with the rest just because it’s fuzzy!  Loved it!


A Time to Stitch by Cheri Payne!


Dang cute!


I am not a lover of hearts but THIS ONE stole mine…so much so, that the pattern followed me home!  This is another of Kathy Cardiff’s!


I have some windows just like this at home…how sweet and EASY…and no binding is needed!


LOVED this scrappy blue one!



The icing on the cake was seeing Pam Buda’s Trunk Show!!  Where does one start?  Yowzers!  The next twelve pictures are Pam’s quilts and let me tell you…all were wonderful and left us speechless!



This looks like it might be a sweet BOM that the Loft is featuring…VERY sweet!


I will finish with Cathy Carndiff’s mats…they are all over the shop and they are ALL wonderful!!  Such talented lady’s live in this area!


Wow!  I just HAVE to say, that if you EVER find yourself within a 500 mile radius of the Country Loft that it is SEW worth the drive!  Your hubby won’t mind if you swing by for a look-see! 

Now…I hope seeing all of the wonderful things at the Country Loft has inspired you to pick up needle and thread today!  WHAT?…nothing to SEW?…WELL…the Country Loft DOES have an online shop…check it out HERE! :o))

Thank YOU, Kathy and the rest of the staff at the Loft for treating us like rock stars!  AND for letting me take pictures!  WE hope to be back to your wonderful shop SOON…but until then we take with us some lovely memories of your gorgeous shop!!…along with patterns, wool, fabric, oh…and the cutest gift cards!  :o))

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Your post is the next best thing to visiting this store. Thanks for sharing. A lot of #CreativeGoodness, but those pincushions are so gosh darn cute.


  2. I have the Kathy Schmitz pattern set. On my list to do.

    Why didn't you pop in to visit Cheri while you were so close by?

  3. I love all the shops you are visiting, this shopping would be so bad for me. I wouldn't be able to hold back buying. I am going to put more blue in my fabrics.

  4. I always wanted to make this scrappy blue quilt!
    Thank you for all those mouthwatering pictures!
    Best wishes!

  5. what a wonderful stop!!! the mean time I will make myself feel better with on line.... boohoo

  6. Beautiful shop ! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Just loved that blue house quilt !

  7. I would probably go broke in that store, lol.
    Not much that I didn't like and I did do that heart piece, it was in the prim magazine.


  8. There's just too much to comment and ooo and ahhhh over. Glad you had the chance to go. I did love the simplness of the blue scrap quilt. A super stash idea!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful tour of this fantastic shop. I've been once a few years ago, would love to visit again.

  10. What a neat store, thanks for all the photos.

  11. My goodness, so many great things, I don't know where to start! But those barns will certainly be worth your while, they are really gorgeous. Did you buy the glass house? It looks like a tricky one to pack. :D