Friday, January 23, 2015

First Stop…The Temecula Wool Lady’s Shop…

The last three days has been a whirlwind of activities!  Where does one start? 

On Tuesday, we picked Claire and Glynis up at the airport, got them checked into their hotel room and then did what every warm bloodied Canadian quilter would do…headed for the nearest JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby!!  The girls got their fix at both of these shops as we don’t have them in Canada…:o()  OK…I confess, we are planning on doing ONE MORE trip to JoAnn’s to get everything that they didn’t find in the QSs and at Road!

Wednesday found us crammed into our truck, with hubby behind the wheel, driving the FIVE of us to various Quilt Shops from here to La Mesa, which is almost to San Diego! Yes, the man is a saint…well most of the time! And when I say CRAMMED,I mean like sardines!!  Throw in one quilt lovin’ dog… who went from lap to lap receiving belly rub after belly rub!  Rylie was in heaven!

So I am going to start by showing you our FIRST stop, The Wool Lady Shop in Temecula…pour yourself a coffee as this is picture heavy!

Need some neutrals to make those snowmen?  Well…let’s talk ‘neutrals’…yowzers!  Boggles the mind, doesn’t it!


Lovely displays throughout the shop…Check them out!

IMG_3228 - CopyIMG_3229 - Copy

Sweet wool mat bound with cotton…

IMG_3230 - Copy

…and also backed with the same cotton…and then stippled!

IMG_3231 - Copy

The Wool Lady has expanded and has another room where she sells cottons and linens!

IMG_3232 - CopyIMG_3233 - CopyIMG_3234 - CopyIMG_3235 - Copy

In several of my pics you will see the wonderful old and original tin ceiling!!  Gorgeous!IMG_3236 - CopyIMG_3237IMG_3238IMG_3240IMG_3241IMG_3242IMG_3243IMG_3244IMG_3245IMG_3246IMG_3247IMG_3248IMG_3249IMG_3250IMG_3252IMG_3253IMG_3255

The Wool Lady sells her own hand dyed threads!


Buttons…all over the shop!



Here is Barb getting her fabric cut by the Wool Man…in the new addition.


And here is Sandy…yes, she had glazed over at this point…wouldn’t YOU?!  The caption coming out of her bubble brain would be… “YES, I love WOOL!”  And no, I am not saying that Sandy is a bubble brain…

Hmmm…wonder what Claire has in her basket??  Why is someone else’s loot so much better than your own?? haha


Here is the Wool Lady behind the counter…yes, that is my bag…and each of us received a Free Fat Quarter for traveling all the way from Canada to see ONLY her…wink*wink*!  Such a sweet lady!


And YES, the Wool Lady remembered us from last year!  Which left me wondering…Is that a GOOD thing? :o}

Tomorrow it’s off to Temecula Quilt Co., Grand Country, Country Loft and Fat Quarters Shop!  Hope you are up to the adventure!  It sure is fun (for me) to look at the pictures and SEE all of the things I missed and DIDN’T buy!!  Ahhh to have a truck full of money…but then where would I put the Canadian QUILTERS?  Hmmmm…Food for thought…(just kidding!)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh my that was fun! I haven't been to her shop for several years. Since I don't drive, I don't get out. My husband isn't so patient like yours. Thanks for the show. and almost 2 cups of coffee! ;-) I will be going to Road in the morning

  2. Wonderful quilt-shop tour, P. Saw so many things I liked: those cute little prim dolls, that gorgeous cross-stitch crow sampler, and I could go on and on. But of course, I'm waiting for the photos from Temecula Quilts tomorrow.

  3. Will you be going to Primitive Gatherings new shop?

  4. I think I could live in that shop. I have wool and thread envy in my heart.

  5. Wow! Great tour! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That's better than a candy store!! Soooo much good stuff!! Yes! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've been to Wool Lady once and adored both the store and the lady herself. I'm pleased to hear she has expanded the shop. I hope to visit her this year if all works out.

    That witches boot and hat candle mat is too cute! That shop always has so much to see and you still find something new when you look at your pictures.

    Thanks for a great tour!

  8. Does the wool lady have an on line store there are a few things that would make great Christmas presents for next year....I have never been to her store, but would really love to go......

  9. You do have a sainted DH. Glad you Canadians could get your FIX in California. Watching to see what you share next time.

  10. Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! I can see why it is one of your favorites!
    So many wonderful things to see and touch.

  11. Way too much eye candy, love all that wool and the store displays.


  12. What a super fun shop. Glad you all had a good time!