Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Downton Abbey Fan….

YES, I am a huge Downton Abbey Fan…and thanks to Clubhouse Quilter, Anne, I can now, proudly, swing this bag on my shoulder and shout it to the world…


“I love Downton Abbey”!!  :o)  Thank you, Anne for thinking of me!


Anne received this bag from World Market for FREE!!  Last year she gifted me another Downton Abbey bag(apparently the store does this EVERY year!)…which I promptly gave to Glynis, as  she is an even bigger fan of the show than I am!  NOW we both have our own bags to swing proudly on our shoulder…at ROAD TO CALIFORNIA! 

Yes, Glynis and Claire are coming for Road…in only EIGHT more sleeps!!  Look out Road…the Woolies will be loose in CALIFORNIA!!  The girls have been humming “California Here We Come…” for the last month or two!  More on our hijinx to come starting on Tuesday, Jan. 20th when their plane touches down in Palm Springs!! 

Geeze-louise…Let’s get back to Downton Abbey…I kind of got off topic!  Now if you are a fan…and even if you’re not….head on over to the Cuddle Quilters’s Blog!  She is Downton Abbey crazy…to the point of making a Downton Quilt with Downton Fabric…and she has put in the link to a VERY sweet FREE quilt pattern that is of course a Downton Quilt pattern!  You MUST go over and see for yourself!!  Blimey but it is gobsmacking delightful!  Just sayin’!

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy Quilting!~P


  1. Well, aren't you the lucky one to receive such a great DA bag! Thanks for inviting folks to visit me and see the quilt I am making with those wonderful DA fabrics. Wonder what the ladies of Downton would think!

  2. as a huge fan I am green!!! especially going to Road!!! I really need to put this on my agenda one time! many time have you been???

  3. Your not much of a fan, are you? LOL
    It is fun to have your own fun bag to take and now you can fill it with goodies;)


  4. Now I see why you head south for the winter...the road to CA. What a fun$$ experience! You can put a lot of good stuff in that new bag

  5. I have been enjoying the displays of Downton Abbey fabric showing up in our stores as well, Paulette, but many more things can I do at once?! Not a good question for a quilter.

  6. I wish I could go to Road to Californina and meet you swinging the cool bag! I'm a Big FAN of Downton Abbey too, Making a Mystery with Ebony Love online.

  7. Would love to go to Road to California! Do a little shopping for me :-))

  8. Yes, I've been away for three weeks, and I am celebrating my return by leaving you a comment about the beige fabric in the quilt in the background.

    I don't know why, but I'm finding it really appealing. Please tell me it is something fancier than just beige Kona!

    Anyway, I'm avoiding any Downton spoilers, because I want to save up a few more episodes on the PVR before I start watching!

  9. Cute bag! I love Downton Abby to. I have a quick question. When you attach your wool applique pieces to your projects do you use fusible web. I'm thinking of try wool applique and I'm not sure where to start.

  10. I got one of those bags the Christmas before this last one. I found a friend who likes the show. She loved the bag and that made me very happy.