Monday, June 3, 2013

Meandering Down Life’s Highway…

Last week I tackled meandering!!  For some reason I was having a hard time meandering with my mid-arm…on all my practice muslin pieces there were always little points and sharp jags..grrrrr…so frustrating!

Then I received this FMQ book for my birthday…and EUREKA!  I can meander!  SEW what changed?  Well this book gave me something to think about while I quilted!   P1230543

Do you see that little THINK box at the bottom of the page….well if you THINK, while you DO wonderful things happen! :o)


While meandering I was thinking (and saying out loud..!) round and round and change directions…and guess what NO jags, NO points, no cross-overs!


So if I can meander…I can do Es and Ls…because it’s just “short and tall and short and tall”…P1230547

And circles… “around and a half…around and a half”!


Next time you practice FMQ, try it.  Say it out loud…you may look and sound a little batty but your quilts will thank you! :o)

The proof is in the pudding…check out the two charity quilts that I meandered.  Now they aren’t PERFECT but the elderly person who receives one of these lap quilts probably won’t notice..P1230542 P1230532It takes a village to make these quilts…a group of Heritage quilters cut out the blocks…another group took them home and pieced the quilts together, another group took the tops home to quilt and then the final group of volunteers will put the binding on!  Over twenty of these quilts were completed and will go to a Seniors’ Home!   P1230535 P1230536 P1230537

And quilt number TWO!  P1230539 P1230540 P1230541

Yup…as I said they aren’t perfect by a long shot BUT someday I will be meandering with the best of them!!  Around and around and change directions, around and around and change directions…kind’a like living life!  We meander around and then change directions!

Thanks for stopping by..Hope your meandering today changes directions…in a good way! ~P


  1. I could kick myself for not buying the pfaff like yours.
    Meandering I can do, that is how my brain works anyways, lol. Your quilting came out beautifully.


  2. very nice Paulette!! It makes sense too....going to try it.

  3. Thanks for the tips... I hope to retire this Fall and my goal is to learn to FMQ on my DSM. I know it will take a lot of practice, just hope I stick with it long enough to learn.

    Love your blog.

  4. Looks great from here :-)
    Nice progress! It does take some tips and time to feel comfortable. Your quilt will definitely be loved.

  5. I think you did a fine job!. Perhaps I need this book too. I've been sandwiching quilts together and now have quite a stack. But I'm afraid to start quilting on my new Sweet 16 Sit Down. Any day now. . . .

  6. What a great FMQing tip! I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I'm playing around. I tend to agree with you that thinking the right thing just may be the key - generally I'm "oh no, I hope I don't mess this up". It can be self fulfilling...

  7. I have been having a problem with my quilting today too lol. I actually broke 3 needles while trying to stipple or do a "meandering" style quilting on a wall hanging. I finally gave up on it for today and may never go back to it I am so angry with myself. I know the problem and think I will just have to start from square one again and build a new wall hanging. I am new to quilting my own projects and use just my domestic machine so it's not that easy lol, I love your blog and visit it just about every day.

  8. I like this idea...I talk to myself all the time anyway, so why not say things that will result in a quilt!
    Thanks for sharing this book and tips!

  9. I get such a kick out of you Paulette! Good job meandering!

  10. I feel like I can sit down at the Janome and do some meandering just from reading your Blog. Haven't found the rhythm up to now. Maybe I will also look for the doodle book for further inspiration.

  11. These quilts are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing ans just keep up the good work.

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  12. They look awesome, Paulette! Those charity quilts are a great way to get some "time" in on your quilting...

  13. Thank you for sharing this book tip, I will order one right away.
    Your quilting looks great!

  14. Your meandering looks fabulous!