Sunday, June 9, 2013

When the Dust Settles…

Do you remember my friend, Sandy aka…Thelma?  Well yesterday we hit the road…AGAIN… and headed to ONE MORE of the deceased Quilter’s Garage Sale…this is GS number six or seven!  NO we haven’t been to ALL of them but I have to be honest…I have been to FOUR…and three for my side-kick,Thelma! 

This was the first one of the Garage Sales where I noticed that we have finally made a dent in her stuff!!  This was one quilter who LOVED fabric and who loved to shop…not a good combination!  She also had the most UFOs out of any quilter I know…like in the hundreds…ALL blocks were stitched by hand and in Ziplock bags.  She would stitch 4 or 5 blocks and then move onto another project.  AND YES, her hubby said there would be ONE more sale…there was still the YARDAGE to sell…her backing fabrics haven’t seen the light of day yet!  And then there were her finished quilts and unfinished quilt tops!  YUP, we will be going to THAT GS for sure!

Anyway…here’s yesterday’s loot…because it really IS all about the LOOT! 

Everything was VERY organized…in Ziploc bags and clearly marked…P1230639

Yardage pieces were $4 a yard…


Precut diamonds…


…with one block already stitched.  I thought this would be a good hand project to do while at Heritage…


This is the yardage pieces…notice how I automatically go to the golds, reds and greens…WHAT’S with that?

P1230644Pre-cut 4” squares..  P1230646  Lovely greens…


A girl’s got to have some neutrals….


…with a splash of blue…


Ahhhh yahhh…some reds and browns…


And to REALLY make me REALLY happy toss in some Homespuns!!


Geeze…I wonder what was in Thelma’s bag…it was a lot heavier than mine?

Then it was off to a wonderful lunch in Cook Street Village!  Yup, nothing like going through a dead lady’s stuff and then chowing down to a yummy lunch!  Yes, we girls really know how to have fun! :o)))

Speaking of fun…looks like hubby was having a little fun on his own!  While we were gone, look at what he was up to…(we had decided to make my sewing room bigger by take down a wall…starting on MONDAY!)  He said he wanted to see how easy this job would be…so he took off the door…then he started taking down the Gyprock.  Apparently it’s a lot like picking the dead skin off a sunburn…once you start, you can’t stop!  Did I mention that I hadn’t packed ANYTHING away…yup, my sewing machine and the quilt that I am currently working on were out on the table…my current blocks hanging on the design wall and computer open and running!!  Yikes!!  Dust was flying EVERYWHERE!!


It’s all good!  Sheets are now covering everything, computer and sewing room moved and out of the way and design wall is down!  So the rest of the wall’s coming down…let the dust fly…then new flooring goes down, electrical wires gets moved, then repaint the area…and I will be good to go!


The idea is that (fingers crossed) there will be plenty of room for my mid-arm to hang out in! 

I’ll keep you posted…

I hope you are having a sunny Sunday in your little corner of the world!  Take care!~P


  1. You really do find the best sales, can never find anything like that here, nice haul. Can't wait to see how your new room turns out.


  2. You are so funny! And boy howdy did you hit the jackpot!!

  3. You really picked some beauties. I can't believe this quilter had so much fabric, it's astounding. I'm sure you will be happy with your new sewing room, especially handy to have the long arm in the same room. Keep us posted on the changing decor.

  4. That is a serious jackpot of a yard sale! Wow - wish I would stumble on one like that (or maybe it's best that I don't!).

  5. Score!!!! :-)

    Can't wait to see your new studio. woohoo!

  6. You crack me up!!! That was quite a GS you lucked out on and your purchases are exactly what I would have picked! Can't wait to see progress on your sewing room. How fun is that? Well, not really fun while construction is going on, but it WILL be fun in the end. :)

  7. what a fun day, we also love to go thru dead peoples stash! What's wrong with us??? Nothing....when I die, I want all my quilting friends to divvy up my stuff and let the quilting continue! lol. And lunch together too!

  8. Wow what great finds! You'll need a larger sewing room to store all of your GS treasures.

    Can't wait to see your new larger sewing room.

  9. When I told my grand daughter when she was only 8-years-old she was getting all my sewing loot she screamed, clapped her hands & jumped up and down . . . . probably like you did yesterday, lol. I knew I had made the right decision with her reaction. :)

  10. We don't have sales like that here.. good for you.

  11. I am amazed at all the fabric you got at the sale and how organized it is. Did the quilter die suddenly or did she have time to tell her husband what had value, etc.?

  12. Lucky you! All I ever find at yard sales is polyester. Might have to drive up to BC to check it out.

  13. Wow what a day you had! You really got lots of nice fabrics. I am really anxious to see what you do in your sewing room. What fun it will be to have the big frame all set up. Love to see the progress. Have a great rest of the evening.

  14. What a fun post. You stocked up on some yummy fabrics . You need that bigger room for all that fabric LOL!!

  15. I still say I want to go garage sale hopping with you one of these days!! Congratulations on the new sewing room to be! And I hear that grand-baby may put in an appearance this week??

  16. Now help me understand. Is the larger room for the mid-arm or the final gs? We shall see. No really some great finds, I'm with you with the same colors. Love the earth tones with a little sky thrown in. Becki

  17. Aaaaagh, that sounds like my DH. The meal could be on the table and he would start taking down the ceiling over it. Focus! That's what I need when I'm quilting. How exciting for you to expand your sewing area. And fresh paint and electric where you want it. And the mid-arm in the *same* room. Looking forward to pics of it all.

  18. What a haul! I just can't believe the garage sales you run into. Nothing like that here at all.

  19. What wonderful fabrics and what a great day. what is it about men? They just have to do the job then and there.

  20. Jackpot! Girl you are so lucky! Love your new to you fabrics!

  21. I don't think the quilter who passed would have had it any other way! I'm sure she was happy to share her stash with you both!. I was recently at one of those sales... it's amazing... but the repercussion is taking a little mental note of my stash!