Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone…

Tell that to the people who live in Southern Alberta! 

If you watched the News last night, then you probably saw imagines of the flooding in Southern Alberta!  They have been experiencing some weird and unusual weather in the form of RAIN…lots and lots of RAIN!

My daughter lives in Calgary, Alberta  close to the city centre…this is the street that she lives on!  Yup, that is the street and those cars are abandoned…


This is the street that she drives down to get to work…in fact this is the street that she was cursing this winter as it is on a HILL…and she spun a 360 as she droved down it on the new fallen snow!  Well she won’t be cursing this hill anymore because it’s that same hill that kept her and her boyfriend’s house safe from flood waters!


This is the view from their street…much of city centre is UNDER water!


These are million dollar homes…who would have ever thought that someday they would be under water! 

The other side of the hill…leading to the city and a sea of water!


You can just make out the top of the tennis court net in the middle of this fenced area… No one playing tennis today!  


And here is a picture of my daughter, Erin in the pouring rain…look at her puppy Scout, using big sister Lola for an umbrella!!  A girl’s got to do what a girls got to do to keep dry!


I sure hope the worst is over and the waters recedes!  The folks of Calgary and Southern Alberta are in for a huge clean up!  My heart goes out to them…

Hope the sun is shining down on you today…and always!


  1. Isn't the weird weather something! I live in Oklahoma City and we just had the two record-breaking tornadoes in Moore, one of our suburbs. We just came from a 3 year drouth and all the rain and flooding we've had still hasn't caught us up. I am always so sorry for people who have weather damage. Such a devastating thing. So glad your daughter is safe!


  2. Glad your daughter is fine. Unfortunately my daughter lives at he bottom of a Mission...under 6' of water! She is trying to come to terms with losing everything she owns. :(

  3. I saw the images. I wonder about the Stampede in July and the Glenbow Museum. I also wonder about the B&B my daughter and I stayed in in 2004 because the backyard faced the river. It just seemed like it came way too fast. I also hope the people in Canmore, High River and other places are safe. Apparently, Vancouver is praying for rain??

  4. Your daughter is so fortunate - I'm sure she'll never curse that hill again. My brother lives in the SouthWest near Fish Creek, but is high as well, and so are his kids. Crazy, isn't it. My boss's entire family lives in High River and everybody lost everything. They even lost his mother! She was evacuated from the High River hospital and as of 4 p.m yesterday, they still didn't know where she ended up (he left work with a good attitude, he said at least he knows she is in good hands).

  5. Too much wacky weather. I hope all the water recedes soon.

  6. Wow! That's crazy! I'm just glad your daughter is safe!

  7. I'm so thankful that Erin lives at the top of the hill. Living there sure did turn out to be a blessing!

  8. Gosh, your daughter is lucky. I could not believe the pictures I saw on TV this week. All over the world there seems to be extreme weather happenings!

  9. Wow,that is some major league flooding in that area ~ how sad! I'm really glad your daughter lives up higher and I'm betting she is too!


  10. Thank goodness Erin lives at he top of the hill! The pictures say it all...devastating for so many folks...prayers and positive thoughts that the waters will recede soon and clean up can begin.

  11. There is a group on Facebook called Quilting for Calgary that is asking for quilts for the displaced people. Perhaps you can help spread the word? The lady running the group organized a huge effort to send quilts to Japan after the tsunami and now is asking for help herself.

  12. Wow your daughter is lucky just as my son is because his home is also on high ground well above the flooding. It is sun shiny day here in Northern BC

  13. That is horrible, something we don't really think about happening. I sure hope the rains end and the clean up can begin.


  14. So glad your daughter is safe and was able to avoid the flooding. How terrible! I know, it seems the weather is really messed up anymore. Here in Ohio the sun was shining- too hot- up in the 90's and will remain there for 4-5 days. Inside with the air on and staying cool- thank god for air!:) Hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. Paulette, I heard from my cousin who lives in Calgary about the flooding and watched Canadian footage on the Internet and am amazed at the damage.

    Luckily my cousin also is on higher ground, lets hope the rain eases up and things dry out soon.

    Heading home tomorrow.

  16. Glad your daughter is safe and my heart goes out to those who lost so much. The pictures say it all -the weather is so crazy all over the country. Prayers for everyone..........

  17. Prayers for your daughter and those folks in Alberta-- love that puppy pick...

  18. We have been tuned into the Alberta flooding on the news and I can't believe the devastation and how widespread it is! I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything. I am going to cut some fabrics to send to "My Sewing Room" in Calgary... it doesn't feel like much but it will help even a little.