Monday, June 17, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

There has been absolutely NO quilting going on around here… BUT that doesn’t mean that the girls at Heritage have been sitting around eating bonbons all day, waiting for ME…no, no…they have been busy stitching and quilting…leaving me behind in their dust!  And it’s a good thing because this morning you get a little peak at what they have been up to!

Delores finished her pillows…using strips of turned bias tape.  Now this is a special technique…DELORES HELP…send me an email fast and we can inform the readers what and how you did this!!  I totally forget…but I do remember the bias fabric was continuous and couldn’t cross over or under in certain spots…which would have turned me into a drinker!  These were all hand stitched while at Heritage…P1230244 P1230194

A scrap happy quilt filled with love…

P1230195 P1230197

This is Barb’s little masterpiece!  Exquisite!P1230200

You really have to see this quilt up close and personal to appreciate all the work that went into this wee quilt!!

  P1230203 P1230204

The Heritage girls are very generous with their time, talent and quilting…two more charity quilts to add to the pile!


This Pelican looked VERY life like…such a talent to be able to do this!


I bet a lot of you will recognize this gorgeous block that Carol is working on…the pattern was taken from Pat Sloan’s Blog.  It was a FREE BOM that she offered a couple of years ago!  Some of these quilt designers are so generous with their Free patterns!  Just a shout out to them…we APPRECIATE IT!!


Elizabeth looks warm and cozy under her beautiful split rail quilt!!  Wonderful labour of love, Elizabeth!!


Every month the Guild has a BOM raffle…if you want to participate you take the pattern for the block, make it and when you bring in your finished block you get a raffle ticket and a chance to win ALL of the blocks that come in.  These were last month’s blocks…winner was Jane!!  Just wait till you see what she did with them!!  A REAL winner!

P1230214 P1230215 P1230216

Loved this baby quilt…VERY sweet!!


And nothing more fun to make than the Twister Quilt!  Makes me want to Twist I did last Winter!  Ohh.. Twist again like I did last year! Go ‘round and ‘round…SLAP ME QUICK!!


This quilt top was found in the quilting cupboard…some anonymous quilter left it there…so Hazel took it home and quilted it!  This is not a great picture but this quilt turned out wonderful…and will be added to the Charity Mountain! 


Hazel’s quilting has been growing by leaps and bounds…which proves the more you practice, the better you get!!  Would you believe that she traded in her mid-arm for a long arm?  Yup…there is no stopping this quilter!  Stay tuned!!  I predict you will be see lots more of Hazel’s quilts!!


Hey…remember Heritage Judy from down south?  Yup, she is still making place mats for the Meals on Wheels Program!  They give out her free placemats when they deliver the meals!!  How tickled the recipients must be!


MORE charity quilts….Would you believe that close to 30 of these quilts were made!!  Awesome!


Yes, we even have some brave souls modelling hats that were made in a workshop happening downstairs!!  These ladies are all ready for laying around on the beach…


And look at this sweet toddler’s quilt!  It’s an eye spy…


…lift up the nine patches to find the bears…where are the fishes? where is the car?…and so on!  Great fun and a learning tool as well!!  This grand child is going to be extra ‘mart!


I think this one of Hazel’s quilts…just wonderful!


…and beautifully quilted on her new machine!


LOVE this quilt!!  Visually stunning!!  


I took a picture of this quilting…not sure which quilt it was on but isn’t it wonderful!!  I need to ‘Pin’ this one!!

P1230241 P1230242

You can never have too many bags…and these are perfect to take to our Farmer’s Market!


This quilt is the perfect example of how a simple quilt can be a stunner thanks to the choice of fabrics!!  WOW!!


No…I am not caught up…YES, I have been bad at keeping up with Heritage Happenings!  BUT I’m blaming it ALL on the quilters!!  They just crank out way out too many quilts every week! 

Before I go, I need to thank everyone for leaving such sweet comments yesterday about the birth of Grammy’s little Mason!  They sure warmed this ol’Grammy’s heart!  Thank YOU sew very much!! 

How about just a couple more baby pics?  Come on…humour me!

Here is the man of the hour…snuggling with mom!  Well that didn’t last long…


Maggie came over from Vancouver for some snuggles of her own!!  Doesn’t a baby look good in her arms…just sayin’…:o}}


AND of course Grammy had to have a little snuggle time too!! 


Before Maggie snatched him back again!!P1230672

Yes, little Mason is going to be in hot demand…Just wait till he meets the rest of his Aunties!!  Yowzers!

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with more baby pics…  Yippee!!  I’m a GRAMMY!!


  1. Loved all the quilts and the baby pics. Such a sweet little baby, everyone is going to be spoiling him rotten. But what baby doesn't deserve that? I especially liked the place mats made for the Meels on Wheels program. How thoughtful of Heritage Judy to do this. The charity quilts are also fabulous. The Heritage quilters should be very proud of themselves.

  2. You're going to love being a grandma - it's the best! Bring on the pictures - it's your right now grandma!! Thanks for the slide show too.

  3. Big congrats on your new grandbaby. Very exciting news!

  4. So glad for you. He is a cutie. Thanks for sharing those quilts with us. Keeps us inspired. Enjoy your new Grandson! K-

  5. Ooohhhhh....that little boy is soooo cute. Don't they just smell so good and feel so good cuddled up under your chin!

    The quilts are all very beautiful too. But that baby is great!

  6. Absolutely adorable little doggie quilt but not as adorable as that sweet little babe!

  7. Need more info on the dog quilt please - just love that!

  8. Thanks for a great show. The quilts are wonderful and so is your grandchild. He is gorgeous!