Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The HAZARDS of Quilting…

Yup…quilting and exercising DO not MIX!…  P1230618-001

Or maybe I should say PINS and exercise balls do not MIX!  DARN!  I loved this ball.  It was the perfect size and it had sand inside so it didn’t roll!  Well now it REALLY doesn’t roll…


Another hazard of quilting is to buy things that make the ‘job’ a little easier!  Yesterday at Cloth Castle Club, Natasha demonstrated this great new product…for making Appliqué a little easier!  Wash Away Appliqué Sheets…hmmmm…this sounded a little familiar…good thing I didn’t buy it as I had these waiting for me at home…


SEW…what did I use last time I appliquéd?  I used FREEZER PAPER!  I forgot all about these!  DUH! 

Hey, I could do a product comparison test…IF I can leave the freezer paper alone and IF I can remember that they are in my cupboard!

Do you have any hazards to watch out for while quilting?  Come on…’fess up?!

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  1. rolling for a while....I used the appliqué wash away sheets and they were very hard for me to wash away....maybe I did something wrong let us know how it works for you....

  2. Oh no! Hahaha! I've free motion quilted right over my finger before but I have yet to pop a ball with a pin! ;)

    Those wash away applique sheets - where can they be purchased, can you tell me??? I have been considering Sharon Schamber's applique stabilizer but it's a bit pricey - wonder if it's comparable or any easier to find?

  3. I ALMOST picked up my open rotary cutter instead on the phone before. That would have been interesting!

  4. I do have the wash away and like it for wall hangings, a bit stiffer than most and i haven't washed it yet, so not sure how it washes out. I have a few different fusibles so I should use each one in a similar project to see what works best, maybe some little christmas pillows.


  5. I have those wash away sheets too, and I agree, they do not really wash away! I was not happy with them. Fortunately it was just a test piece that I used them on.

    When you get them wet, they disappear completely, and I thought, "hey, this is great!" But then when the piece dries, there they are again, and still fairly stiff too. Probably they are fine for a placemat or a wall hanging, but not for anything cuddly.

  6. I wonder if that wash away applique paper could be used for paper piecing. That would be so much easier than removing all that paper! I bought some bobbins for the Bernina (expensive) and later found an entire baggie full of them that I already had...Those episodes always make me feel a little old and crazy...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  7. My free motion quilting machine and frame set up is away from the wall, so I use extension cords. I am constantly tripping over them and my husband curses me every time he does too - really must look at a way to secure them .... hazard tape maybe. OHand S would have a field day in my sewing room.

  8. oh man, your poor ball! so much for combining exercise and quilting!

  9. Do proud hubbies count as hazards? I was about 2/3 of the way thru a 53000 (yes, 53 thousand) stitch embroidery, when dear hubs proudly brought a friend up to show off my work. And as he stepped closer to show how nice everything was turning out, he managed to step on the OFF switch on the surge protector my sewing machine was plugged into. I'd never said those words in public before, but I sure said 'em right then. (this was in the days before "restart where you left off?" was available)

    Now the surge protector is well hidden behind the cabinet, and he's no longer a hazard.

  10. This is why it's always good not to mix exercise with anything!! lol

  11. I haven't done any applique for a while, but would be interested in seeing how useful they are...and if I sat on one of those balls, wouldn't need the pins, the weight would make it EXPLODE!