Friday, June 21, 2013

Back in the Saddle AGAIN!

I have to tell you, I have been a lost sheep this past week…no sewing room to hunker down in!!  And yee-gawds…HOCKEY playoffs on TV in the Family Room!!  A girl NEEDS a sewing room at times like this!!

Well I am happy to report that I moved back in last night…and I have NOT stopped smiling!! 

Let me take you on a quick tour..keep in mind that it’s nothing fancy!  I needed more space to put the mid-arm…hence the wall came tumbling down!  I now have a sewing room/exercise room combine.  

I had to close the blinds for the pictures (it is actually a VERY bright and sunning room!)


There is an outside door leading to a courtyard area.


The actual sewing centre…

P1230676 P1230677

This shot was taken from the other side of the room…now you can see the exercise area…I need to be proactive and exercise daily as I have arthritis in my back. 


To the left is sewing, middle of the room is cutting and to the right is ironing.  I am standing where the mid-arm will go.


Grrrrr…look at that white dust on the chair…I JUST wiped it off!!  I think I will be fighting with drywall dust for awhile!

P1230680 P1230681  I love this old chest of drawers…it holds my Civil War fabrics…:o))


And under the window is where the mid-arm will live…it’s 10’ long and needs a big space to live.


SEW…what did I do last night…watch a little HOCKEY?  NEVER!!  I put on an audio book and prepped more appliqué work!!  Would you believe I ran out of hand work!  Unheard of!


Hope you enjoyed the little tour…like I said, nothing fancy but it’s my little (wo-)Man Cave…no HOCKEY…football, golf, wrestling, car racing, soccer…make that NO SPORTS in general! :o)  Just stitching…and a good book!!



  1. It looks bright, cheerful and organized. I can see you spending a lot of time there.

    I love my quilt/crafting room. If it had a fridge and a microwave I would never have to leave it. LOL

  2. Congratulations all around.

    R didn't have much in the way of pictures, so a good tour helps.
    No sports eh?
    Not even bowling with those plastic balls and pins when Mason gets a bit older? You sure have the room!

  3. Thanks for the tour of your fabulous new sewing room. So much space, lovely and bright, NO sports. What more could a girl ask for?

  4. What a wonderful place to sew! I love your ironing table. And that blue is perfect!

  5. You have a great new sewing room, love it. Sally from Oregon

  6. Its lovely- so fresh and tidy...the fresh will probably last longer than the tidy!! well it would with me!!
    May you live long and prosper in your (wo)MAN cave!!

  7. You have a lovely space, I love the white cabinet.

  8. Beautiful space and so glad to hear that you are able to sew again. Yumm, that dresser is gorgeous. Did you paint the dresser white? Just wondering.

  9. A beautiful, sunny and bright spot. Love the chest with your CW fabrics. You can now call it your studio.

    Enjoy your happy space.

  10. You have a wonderful, light and bright place to sew now. Will you be exercising while you applique? :o)
    Nah... too much like sports!

  11. It is really great looking space!!
    I have arthritis in my back too- sucks, but I keep moving as well.

  12. Love your wo-man cave! It looks like you have everything you need there!

  13. Looks like a wonderful space to me, Paulette! The only thing missing is a tv with the hockey game(s) on! That's the only thing I watch on tv. Love my HOCKEY!

  14. We quilters all need our's lovely fresh and lots of room.
    Love the white chest...I wish it was that easy here to knock down a wall, double brick walls here

  15. Great job! I love our chest of drawers and that the design wall is above your ironing table.

    The room is bright and happy!

  16. Looks like a beautiful room. Did I read right - you ran out of hand work? How is that even possible??

  17. It is nice to have our own space to create in and you did a wonderful job on decorating and organizing the space.


  18. Your room looks great. Now I'm thinking that I should probably put my treadmill in my room so it gets some use. Oh, probably not! :)

  19. Great the color and white. Have fun!!

  20. What a lovely redesign Paulette,

    Enjoy it for many years to come.

  21. Love it!
    In your "Room"--May you stitch long and wide, may you complete all your UFO's, and may you enjoy your "Sweet P Heaven" for as long as your heart desires (or as long as you have a pattern and fabric, and we know that stash will never run out...). Love it!

  22. If I lived close by, I would come and help you mess up the sewing room. It all looks so new and neat right now.

  23. Just like your 'lost sheep' feeling, I get antsy when I am not being creative. The room looks lovely. I thought I missed something. Didn't you acquire a long arm quilting machine? I didn't see it and it looks like you have the room for it.

  24. Very nice room- I'm sure you're super excited about it!! I love your chest of drawers and I love sunny rooms too- just makes me really happy!!:)

  25. All right! It looks perfect! Love the floor, too. I need a place to have my exer-machines staring me in the face, too. The day goes by so easily without touching them.
    Congratulations on a lovely, functional room.