Friday, June 28, 2013

FUN Friday!

First off I want to SHOUT OUT a huge “THANK YOU” to Anne from Cotton ‘n Wool Blog!

Yesterday I received this pattern in the mail…just out of the blue…from Anne!! 


She said that she loved it, so she knew that I would too!  Isn’t that SWEET?!  How right she was too…I am Over the Moon for this pattern!  How VERY thoughtful and kind of Anne to think of ME!! 

Anne went to Market in Portland this Spring and bought it there…you can read about it HERE!  Anne said that one of her favorite booths this year was Norma Whaley's,Timeless Traditions.   Norma used to be part of the Geoff's Mom design team, but has since broken off and started designing on her own.  Well lucky us!!  What a talent!  I predict an ‘At Home in the Garden’ Blog Quilt-A-Long happening in the near future…you might want to think about it…come on…gather up that wool!!

Thanks again, Anne!!  You made my day…no you made that my week!!

Speaking of weeks..this is what I’ve been working on this week…making 10’ leaders for the mid-arm.  That meant…a lot of fabric…


…and a lot of measuring and marking…and sewing!


Then there was THIS ball of Velcro …would you believe the sales girl took the thirty feet of sticky backed Velco and stuck the non-sticky Velcro together and then put it into the bag…YIKES!!  What a mess…the more I untangled, the more of a mess I made!  Then the sticky tape started to come off…that stuff sticks to EVERYTHING…fingers, shirt, table and other tape!!  I’m hyperventilating just THINKING about it…!!


We need to change the subject…and FAST!

Ahhhhhhhhh…YES…that’s better!! 


Little Mason looks a little like Prince Charming waiting for a wake-up kiss from his Grammy…

P1230727  Hmmm…well that didn’t work…I think I’m going to HAVE to pick him up and smother him with kisses!!  Yup…that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do!

Ahhhhhh…Don’t you just LOVE the smell of a new born babe?! ~P


  1. Adorable pattern from a very thoughtful Anne. :-)

    Oh, Mr. Mason is adorable, cute, sweet, handsome, dapper, etc. LOL

  2. That was really sweet of Anne and I know you will enjoy making it. Mason is such a sweet baby and of course we are allowed to wake them up and spoil them;)


  3. Mason is too cute! He looks so cosy and comfy!

  4. Sweet pictures of Mason. What a joy for you and your family. Lucky your daughter lives close by. The long arm seems to be coming along quite nicely. Pretty soon, you'll have all those charity quilts quilted and looking for new projects (hint, hint). Love the new pattern. I have a few of Norma's patterns from when she was with Geoff's Mom Designs. They use lots of patchwork and CW fabrics. Just the way I like them. Have a great long weekend with the babe.

  5. I love that quilt, what a great pattern, off to check out her designs. And yes there is something special about the smell of a young one and also their innocence, it can melt one's heart.


  6. yes, that little sweet spot on the back of a newborn's neck that smells so wonderful...if they could bottle smell, they'd make millions :)

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  8. Oh my goodness, the little lamb on the sweet quilt you made Mason is the same size he is! I know he's a boy and I probably should say handsome rather than beautiful, but I just can't help it! He really is a beautiful baby! How could you possibly resist smothering him with kisses!!!!! I'm just a bit 30 year old daughter (only child) tells me she NEVER wants to have children :-(

  9. he is a prince! so wonderful and peaceful when they are sleeping. So lucky with the pattern, Paulette! Its a fantastic pattern.

  10. Your grandson is just beautiful! Congratulations!

  11. Very nice gift! Your grandson is adorable, very precious.:)

  12. Paulette,

    Sometimes when I'm in a shop, I'll pick up the fabric or rickrack or what ever and say, here I'll fold this while you write it up I see you are busy. Next time if that if it happens again you should try.

    Hope you salvaged it alright.

    Cute pictures of Prince Charming...

  13. I paid a visit to the new website and Norma's blog. I love the tree skirt pattern she has in the works.

  14. Oh what a sweet baby! Do you know what that pattern is called? My daughter is due in December and I would love to make that quilt for her :o)

  15. What a beautiful baby - you must be so proud. Oh and that new pattern - that is just awesome.

  16. He is precious beyond words - enjoy those snuggles.
    Hugs - Karen